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Yihai Kerry Overfilled the Annual Investment Goal


 Yihai Kerry (Fuyu) Modern Agricultural Industrial Park Project, as one of Heilongjiang's "100 Key Projects" has been steadily advanced since the commencement of its construction. An investment amount of 720 million Yuan was completed in the first 10 months, 120 million Yuan more than the planned investment amount of 600 million Yuan.
Recently, it has been seen at the construction site of the project that in spite of the gradually cold weather conditions, busy construction workers and roaring large engineering equipment have maintained a busy scene in full swing and filled with enthusiasm. According to Ji Wei, the executive director of Yihai Kerry (Fuyu) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the central workshop of the cogeneration power station is responsible for the energy supply after the project is put into operation. It is under intense construction and the main plant buildings will be capped before the end of the year. By the end of this year, the equipment installation of the starch workshop and the cogeneration power station will have been completed, by August next year, the installation and commissioning of all equipment will have been completed and trial production can be carried out at the end of next year.
It is reported that after the project is fully completed, it will become the world's largest monomer comprehensive grain processing project with the most complete varieties of processed grain, the longest industrial chain and the highest level of modernization. After Phase I of the project was put into operation, the annual output can reach more than 1 million tons. It needs to acquire nearly 2 million tons of corn, wheat and soybeans, covering almost the entire Fuyu County and surrounding counties.
The project started construction on October 13, 2018, and resumed construction on February 13 this year. At present, the foundation works of the production complex building, the fiber sample testing center and No. 1 chemical warehouse have been completed, three storeys of the quality control center has been completed and 15 production and processing areas like the corn by-product packaging workshop, corn oil tank area, corn silo and starch workshops are under orderly construction. The living area and administrative area have been completed and put into use. In order to speed up construction, the construction party continues to fully utilize the construction period before the arrival of the freezing period and race against time and sprint. The project headquarters has also scientifically developed a winter construction plan. After entering the freezing period, construction will be shifted from civil construction to equipment installation.

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