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A Rapidly Rising Industrial Park


 - Project Construction Part of Meilisi's District's Implementation of Its Rural Revitalization Strategy
In the early morning, temperatures of more than ten degrees below zero remind people that "winter" has arrived. At this time, at the construction site of Oriental Hope's 2 million pig breeding and processing project in Xinlin Tun, Woniutu Town, Meilisi Daur District, more than 300 construction workers have been busy working for a while. At this moment, the sound of construction workers' operation and the roar of large forklifts are playing a grand movement of project construction together.
In August of this year, the four factories of the Oriental Hope Group's pig breeding project commenced construction in Difangzi Village, Gangzi Village, and Xinlin Tun of Meilisi District at the same time. According to Zhai Jichang, General Manager of Xinlin Breeding Farm, as a key project of the group and the local government, and also a key industrial project in the province, under the coordination and guarantee of the government, infrastructure work has been speeded up in spite of numerous difficulties. We use steel slag on the construction access road when it is inaccessible on rainy days, use power generators when power distribution line connection is impossible and constructed material storage when materials can't be directly transported to the site. We work at night if we can't finish the work during the daytime. Zhai Jichang says that currently steel structure, fences and equipment installation is going on in the factory, more than 70% of the overall construction progress completed and that the e project is expected to be put into production as scheduled in May next year.
Such busy construction scenes can be seen everywhere in Meilisi Industrial Park of Qiqihar National High-tech Zone.
The construction of the 2×40MW Biomass Cogeneration Project Jiuzhou Environmental Energy Co., Ltd. commenced this year. At present, the exterior wall structure involved in the civil works has been completed and the air preheater is being installed, with the overall project progress reaching up to 60%. It is expected to be put into use next August. It can realize harmless treatment of local straw, meet the electricity consumption of the park and supply heat to the whole area. Although the construction of Qingdao Chiba Organic Vegetable and Fruit Deep Processing Project of Legeng Food Co., Ltd. just commenced in October and the underground foundation construction is being completed, the construction speed is as fast as the speed of less than 2 months taken from signing to construction commencement; the Cold-Soil Vegetable Processing Project began the construction of the body of 3 main plant buildings this year and at present, the closure of two rows of workshops has been completed. One row of processing workshops has been decorated, with refrigeration equipment installed, trial production to be carried out in January next year ……
Meilisi District regards the year 2019 as a construction year for investment attraction projects, and has used the whole district's strength to advance investment attraction and project construction. According to statistics, up to now, the total investment in key industrial projects in Meilisi District has reached 3.214 billion Yuan, up 27.14% year-on-year; the fixed asset investment amount of 309 million Yuan was completed in the first three quarters , up 96.59% year-on-year. From January to October, the whole district completed 404 million Yuan's investment in fixed assets. The actual number of projects involving construction resumption is 15, with the rate of construction resumption being 100%.
According to Cao Fuli, Deputy Director of Meilisi Daur District, in the process of promoting high-quality economic development by “Attaching Great Importance to Large Projects”, Meilisi District, centering upon key industries, has determined the “45221” work goal, i.e. planning 40 industrial projects, tracking 50 project clues, advancing 20 construction projects, signing 20 investment attraction projects and commencing construction of 10 new industry project settling in the park. The district has implemented a “leader + department + project” working mechanism and a “three listening, one watching, two promise keeping” work supervision mechanism, actively planned precise investment attraction, innovated investment attraction methods, provided enterprises with all-round services, reshaped its business environment, and provided "commitments meaning construction commencement" and "nanny-style" guarantee services for signed landing projects, creating "Meilisi Speed" and "Meilisi 114".
In the rapidly rising industrial park, Cao Fuli said when talking about future development that Meilisi would continue to promote the optimization of the business environment, and create "Three 10 Billion Yuan" within 3-5 years, i.e. the park's investment in fixed assets of 10 billion Yuan, the park's total industrial output value of 10 billion Yuan and the whole park's food processing industrial output value of 10 billion Yuan by means of the industry projects to be advanced with efforts and the construction of four parks in the park, i.e. "Qingdao Green Organic Food Processing", "Counterpart Cooperation with Guangzhou", "Beijing Shounong Food Group" and "Small and Medium-Sized Technology Incubation Enterprises", to help Meilisi District's economy to continue to accelerate and open up a new chapter in the development of Meilisi District.

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