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Longjiang Fufeng Practices "Green Development"


 As a leading enterprise of intensive corn processing in our city, Qiqihar Longjiang Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. with a total investment amount of 10 billion Yuan has attracted much attention from all walks of life. Taking green development as its own task, on the basis of continuously boosting the Crane City's economic construction, it has continued to innovate and put in huge sums of money to create an environmental protection benchmark in the industry.
Longjiang Fufeng Co., Ltd., which has a number of world-class projects, has been committed to building the world's largest monomer enterprise of intensive core processing since it settled in Ang'angxi District, and Yushutun Industrial Park will become the world's largest amino acid production and R & D base. A number of industry new technologies and processes are introduced throughout the project production process, including "New Technology for Extraction of Amino Acids with a Full-Membrane Method", "Technology for Gradient Utilization of Fermentation Wastewater and Reuse of Reclaimed Water" and "New Technology for Purification of Fermentation Waste Gas through Biosorption and Plasma Coupling", all of which are independent innovation technologies that have reached the international advanced level and have got independent intellectual property rights. The project technological process line is advanced and reasonable and the industrialized application is mature and good, of industry demonstration significance in terms of energy conservation, emission reduction, comprehensive utilization of resources, circular economy, and clean production.
The company currently has a 35,000 t/d sewage treatment station, which adopts an "IC Anaerobic + AB Aerobic" treatment method. After treatment, the treated wastewater has reached Grade A discharge stipulated in the Standard for Discharge of Pollutants from Urban Sewage Treatment Plants. The boiler flue gas treatment facility is equipped with electric bag compound dust collectors and desulfurization and denitration devices. The treated flue gas has been tested to meet the requirements for coal-fired boilers in the "Standard for Emission of Air Pollutants from Thermal Power Plants".
A total of 8 workshops produce odors throughout the company, and each odor generation point is equipped with environmental protection purification facilities, all of which have realized automated production. Even so, there is still a gap from complete elimination of odors in the workshops.
The relationship between the ecological environment department and the enterprise is not only supervising and being supervised but also serving and being served. In terms of effectively improving the ability to control atmospheric pollutants, Qiqihar Eco-Environment Bureau has conducted many investigations and studies, and organized expert analysis meetings, symposiums, etc. to analyze and seek solutions to problems from a technical perspective. A technical group and a service group have been established to proposed standards and measures from the technical level, and put forward improvement requirements from the perspective of daily management and equipment operation. During the period from September 16 to September 30, the service team stationed in the factory 24 hours in the form of three shifts, and finally summarized management and technical issues, and formed a list of feedback issues, and proposed air pollutant control requirements.
Among them, two additional plasma purification systems are currently being installed in the lysine workshop, and after the desired effect is achieved, the odor of the exhaust gas can be reduced by 78%. A total of 5 washing towers have been added to the starch workshop and feed processing workshop, which have been used and achieved satisfactory results. At the same time, the amount of alkali is increased in the spray liquid of the washing towers of all workshops to increase the PH value of the spray liquid, and the odor after treatment is greatly improved on the basis of the original treatment effect.
According to Bai Hongbing, Deputy General Manager of the company, in order to achieve green development, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of environmental protection first, constantly increasing the amount of environmental protection investment and putting all environmental protection facilities in place. At the same time, professional environmental protection management personnel and technical personnel are available to carry out regular patrol inspections and keep records, and a retroactive investigation and accountability system has been established to ensure the normal operation of environmental protection facilities, and discharge of water and gas in compliance with the standards.
Currently, the company has invested a total of 7 billion Yuan, including 2 billion Yuan's investment in environmental protection, accounting for one third of the current total investment amount. The enterprise is equipped with more than 100 sets of environmental protection treatment facilities. The improved plasma purification system, washing towers, PH online monitoring equipment, and liquid-alkali spray automatic interlocking devices involve an investment amount of 20 million Yuan. The operating cost of odor treatment after adjusting process parameters increases by nearly 10 million Yuan annually.

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