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Constant Development of Our City's Pharmaceutical Industry


 Early on the morning of the 13th, accompanied by scattered snowflakes, Secretary General Sheng Yijun of Juqiu Chinese Herb Planting Professional Cooperative in Gannan County came to the warehouse to check the Chinese herbal medicine variety- hyssop about to be delivered to Shenge Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. According to Sheng Yijun, this is the last batch of medicinal herbs in the cooperative's inventory this year, and other harvested varieties have already been sold out to major pharmaceutical companies, even sold in the fields immediately after they were harvested.
Sheng Yijun is not a local. He is from Harbin. Since he learned about Gannan County's determination to develop the Chinese medicine industry and its advantages of policies, geography, and humanities in 2017, he has taken root in Jubao Town, Gannan County, established a company, and joined a cooperative, becoming a professional "medicine man" dealing with traditional Chinese medicine.
Speaking of Jubao Town, which attracted Sheng Yijun, the history of Chinese herb cultivation can date back to a century ago. According to Shi Wei, Secretary of the CPC Jubao Town Party Committee, since the ancient times, the local has been the main producing area of high-quality medicinal herbs in the north. Almost all interviewed people aged over 50 have the experience of picking wild herbs using hoes and bamboo baskets in their free time.
"Ten years ago, some farmers started to try growing Chinese medical herbs artificially, but they were mainly home-based, which could not be converted into economic benefits. In recent years, with the development of the industry, many people have seen the prospect of Chinese medical herb cultivation and began to explore growing for profits "" said Shi Wei. He added "Since the modern Chinese herbal medicine industry was established as one of the 12 key industries in the city in 2016, Jubao Town has fully promoted the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicine as an important starting point for industrial development and structural adjustment and explored an "enterprise + cooperatives + poor households"-based mode and a courtyard Chinese medical herb growing mode through systematic research on different varieties, making Chinese medical herbs gradually become an effective "recipe" for local people to get out of poverty and become well-off.
Today, the Chinese medical herb cultivation In Jubao Town involves a total of 15 varieties covering an area of 20,000mu, including three main varieties, i.e. red peony root, Indian epimeredi herb and Scutellaria root, attracting the settlement of Shenge Pharmaceutical and Sichuan Good Doctor, etc. in the growing base, and the wide species of Indian epimeredi herb, Scutellaria root, plantago seed and gentian have been sought out successively and protected. The new version of Chinese Pharmacopoeia will be published next year. The local area plans to seize the opportunity relying on its natural pollution-free advantage to expand its Chinese medical herb cultivation to 30,000 mu, followed by further exploration of Chinese medical herb cultivation under the forest. Jubao Town is planned to be created into a home of genuine medical herbs and a characteristic town of traditional Chinese medicine-based health & wellness and tourism through the coming cooperation with Sinopharm Seed Industry Co., Ltd.
The rapid development in the traditional Chinese herbal medicine industry in Jubao Town can actually be regarded as a microcosm of the development of traditional Chinese medicine and health industry in our city. According to the data of Qiqihar Agricultural and Rural Bureau, the planting area of Chinese medical herb in our city this year reached 238,700 mu, with the planting area in 6 counties and district (Tailai County, Gannan County, Yi'an County, Fuyu County, Meilisi Daur District, and Baiquan County) exceeding 10000mu, the planting area of four varieties, i.e. isatis root, red peony root, Indian epimeredi herb and licori, exceeding 10000mu. The four counties and district of Yi'an County, Gannan County, Tailai County, and Meilisi Daur District have been recognized as Heilongjiang Chinese medical herb production demonstration counties and Yi'an County County as been recognized as Heilongjiang characteristic Chinese medical herb town.
If planting represents only one link in the industrial chain and is not enough to explain the issue, the all-around leap in scientific research can more convincingly demonstrate the rapid development of the industry.
On September 3, 2018, relying on Qiqihar Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Center, Heilongjiang Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center was officially listed in our city and obtained the qualifications to certify the qualification of inspection and testing agencies and it has been the only agency to have the above qualifications in the whole province so far. The establishment of the center is an important symbol of the modernization of the Chinese medicine industry in our city. It can ensure the quality and safety of Chinese medicine products in the areas under the jurisdiction of our city and even in the whole province, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and further promote the development of the northern medicine industry, serve the economy of Heilongjiang, especially the modernized development of our city's Chinese medicine industry and provide strong technical support for the development of the Chinese medicine industry in the Northeast China.
On January 16, this year, after many years of hard work, two local food safety standards for dried astragalus flowers and dried astragalus stems and leaves of Astragalus Research Institute of Qiqihar Medical College were officially released by Heilongjiang Provincial Health and Health Commission, radically solving the problem of astragalus stems, leaves and flowers being unable to be developed and applied as ordinary food, resulting in a waste of resources due to the lack of national standards and local standards. According to Liu Jicheng, President of the research institute, this research has deeply tapped the value of authentic medical materials in our city, allowing astragalus ,"No.1 of Tonics" in Compendium of Materia Medica to produce more benefits from then on, which is of great significance to promoting the development of related industries.
In 2017, Qiqihar University established a method for simultaneous determination of CBD and THC contents in industrial hemp using high-performance liquid chromatography by relying on Engineering Research Center of Flax Processing Technology, Ministry of Education, chemical engineering and technology and related disciplines and scientific research platforms of provincial key disciplines, ranking in the forefront in the whole province, providing scientific guidance on the daily supervision of industrial cannabis cultivation and the harvest time of industrial cannabis, and scientific basis for the effective supervision and healthy development of the industrial cannabis industry in our province.
In order to implement the strategies of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to support and promote the development of the Chinese medicine industry, our city has actively cooperated with Sinopharm Seed Industry Co., Ltd. to conduct systematic sorting by centering upon the development status of the Chinese medicine industry, break down the bottleneck of the industry chain, and directs the development direction of the industry. A seed production base to be constructed in Gannan County can form a strong help for the future sound development of the industry in terms of improved seed domestication, cultivation, and technical standards. Besides, in view of expanding the influence of authentic medicinal materials, it is necessary to make clear the quality of authentic medicinal materials planted by large households so as to be targeted during planting, improve economic benefits, and reduce the risks of farmers' cultivation of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs. Our city has also actively cooperated with SGS, Switzerland to strive to introduce SGS standards so as to enhance the brand influence of authentic medicinal materials in in the field of Chinese medicine in China and even in the world. At the same time, our city has actively conducted testing on the content of authentic medicinal materials in conjunction with the Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Shenwei Pharmaceutical to expand the influence of authentic medicinal materials in our city by utilizing the advantages of Shenwei Pharmaceutical.
This year is a breakthrough year for the city's traditional Chinese medicine and health industry investment attraction. Our city has seen the successive landing of Heilongjiang Huarui Biotechnology Company Project, involving an investment amount of 10 billion Yuan, mainly producing synthetic vitamins, human and veterinary antibiotics, Hongzhan Medical alcohol Project, involving a total investment amount of 2 billion Yuan, mainly producing such products as industrial ethanol, edible ethanol and medicinal ethanol, Zhengtuo Cannabisdiol Extraction Project, involving a total investment amount of 1 billion Yuan and Sichuan Good Doctor Chinese Medicine Decoction Plant Project, involving a total amount of 50 million Yuan. Zixin Pharmaceutical's Industrial Cannabis Project and the Authentic Herbal Seed Production Base Project of Sinopharm Seed Industry Co., Ltd. will be signed very soon. A series of relevant projects that can boost our city's industrial development in an all-round manner are being advanced, including the Great Health Industry Project of Kangmei Pharmaceutical, Authentic Medicine Procurement Project of Shenwei Pharmaceutical, SGS International Standard Formulation Project, Equity Cooperation Project of Longhui Pharmaceutical, Chinese Medicine Decoction Plant Project of Tasly Pharmaceutical and Isatis Root Oral Liquid Production Project of Meiluo Pharmaceutical.
According to Wang Hongwei, Deputy Director of Qiqihar Market Supervision Administration, our city has 13 pharmaceutical manufacturers, including 4 Chinese patent medicine companies, 5 Chinese herbal medicine drinking piece companies, 1 medicinal gelatin company, 1 medical alcohol company, and 2 medical oxygen companies, and has formed a benign development pattern based on planting, led by enterprises, driven by innovation, with investment attraction as means, bringing together the elements of planting, production and processing, research and development, sales, warehousing, and logistics. With the constant introduction of policies and good development trends, our city's Chinese medicine and health industry development has entered a stage of updating its connotation and expanding its extension, and It has recently been renamed as "pharmaceutical industry". In the future, our city will further give play to the advantages of ecology and production elements, increase efforts to advance the work in terms of health care, tourism, medicine and food homology, and medical equipment to make it become a new growth point in the local economy and better serve the great majority of the masses

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