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Summary of Our City's Scientific and Technological Work in 2019


Since the beginning of the year, our city's scientific and technological innovation work has been deployed based on the spirit of Qiqihar Municipal Committee's Economic Work Conference, with the "Million and Ten Million" industry doubling plan implemented; guided by the needs of enterprises and industries, our city has given full play to the role of subject of innovation, science and technology projects, science and technology cooperation, and science and technology platforms in promoting the high-quality development of industries.
430 municipal-level science and technology plan projects were implemented throughout the year, with more than 68 million Yuan put in place, 413 scientific and technological achievements generated, 361 patented scientific and technological achievement transformation projects and 117 agricultural scientific and technological achievement transformation projects completed, 103% and 117% of the plans at the beginning of the year achieved respectively, 1041 new technology-based enterprises and 56 high-tech enterprises established.
Cultivating Innovation Subjects, Stimulating the "Motive Force" for Industrial Development
In the 2019 China Innovative Method Contest Heilongjiang Division Finals that came to an end a just time ago , 14 participating projects recommended by Qiqihar Institute of Science and Technology Information, including CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd.'s "Railway Car Straightening Technology Research" of , “Detecting the Performance of the Inner Wall of the Brake Tubes”, “Reducing the Degree of Surface Scratch of Octagonal Solitary Tanks by Devices” and CFHI's “Improving the Efficiency of Large Overhang Milling” won the first prize in the competition. Among them, the three projects of CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. were selected to the Heilongjiang Provincial Delegate.
For a long time, cultivating the subject of scientific and technological innovation and stimulating the innovation potential of enterprises have been one of the key tasks of our city's scientific and technological work. In 2019,Qiqihar Science and Technology Bureau launched a new round of three-year difficulty overcoming action for technology-based medium and small-sized enterprises and increased the efforts to cultivate technology-based enterprises. An incubation bank for technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, high-tech enterprises, and innovative leading enterprises were established, with targeted follow-up guidance provided for the enterprises included in the bank. Starting from the beginning of 2019, 102 growth-type technology-based enterprises and 52 technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise were evaluated and included in the bank, the data for recognition of 8 high-tech enterprises were submitted and Jinghong Petroleum was recommended to enter Heilongjiang's innovation-type leading enterprise cultivation bank.
At the same time, a technology-based enterprise star training plan was implemented in depth and according to Qiqihar's Scheme for Implementation of the Technology-Based "Enterprise Star" Cultivation Plan, the incubation service chain was supplemented and strengthened to strengthen the incubation and cultivation of growth-type technology-based enterprises, with five science and technology enterprise incubators added, bringing the total number of science and technology enterprise incubators (technology-type crowd innovation space) to 37, of which 5 technology-based enterprises have been put on record at the provincial level, with Qiqihar High-tech Zone Pioneering Center approved as a national-level incubator. The cooperation between Qiqihar High-tech Zone Pioneering Center and HIT has been supported to create a public service platform for intelligent manufacturing, and provide pilot services for equipment manufacturing.
Paying Attention to Innovation Services and Optimizing a Good Industrial Development Environment
Deepening the docking of science and technology, realizing industrial docking through scientific and technological cooperation, and attracting the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements have always been one of the important contents of the development of scientific and technological innovation in our city. Since 2019, Qiqihar Science and Technology Bureau has made every effort to "Create Opportunities" to realize science and technology docking to produce more fruitful industrial development achievement.
In 2019, Qiqihar Science and Technology Bureau organized colleges and universities, institutes and enterprises to participate in such activities as "Harbin Trade Fair" and the "21st China International High-tech Achievements Fair" and promoted more than 50 scientific and technological achievements. The "Compilation of Policies for the Transfer of Scientific and Technological Achievements" was printed and issued, the standards for the completion of patented scientific and technological achievement transformation indicators were formulated, business-related guidance was provided for high-tech zones in counties (cities) and districts and whole-process services were provided for key enterprises and the transformation of key projects; Enterprises were guided to conduct technical contract identification registration. CFHI and Sida Railway realized a breakthrough in technology contract registration from scratch. In 2019, 46 technology contract certification registrations were carried out, involving a turnover of 102 million Yuan, realizing a year-on-year increase of 64.43%. At the same time, policy-guided achievement transformation role was exerted, and the 2018 scientific and technological achievements transformation project funding was realized. Guidance was provided for Longjiang Fufeng's 3 projects, including "Research and Application of Key Technologies for Efficient Production of Granular Threonine" to apply for provincial-level key scientific and technological achievement transformation projects, and also for CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. to apply for provincial technology transfer demonstration agency award. 3 units, including Qiqihar University, was recommended to apply as a provincial-level technology transfer demonstration agency.
In addition, Qiqihar Science and Technology Bureau has also stepped up efforts to obtain science and technology projects from superior departments. In 2019, funds of over 68 million Yuan for 48 science and technology projects were put into place, 19 companies were recommended for review to strive to obtain provincial-level post-R&D subsidies for the provincial science and technology enterprises in 2019, with 18.59 million funds expected to be obtained. Qiqihar Science and Technology Bureau continued to implement the support plan for major key science and technology projects involved in Heilongjiang's "Hundreds, Thousands, Tens of Thousands" program, and recommended 44 projects. 4 projects, including the “Research on Key Technologies of Green Intelligent and High-efficient Coal Handling Equipment for Heavy-Duty Railways” of CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. was including in the first batch of projects involved in support focus in 2019.
Promoting Scientific and Technological Cooperation to Energize High-Quality Industrial Development and Improve Efficiency
In May this year, Qiqihar Hospital affiliated to Southern Medical University was officially unveiled. This is the one of the results that can benefit the people's livelihood most since the city has promoted "counterpart cooperation with Guangzhou." Besides, the two sides have carried out a number of substantive cooperation in clinical teaching and training, medical technology cooperation, talent training, and the construction of clinical specialists. In 2019, Qiqihar First Hospital once again recommended 8 people to apply as academic master tutors and clinical guidance teachers in Southern Medical University.
Since 2019, our city has continuously deepened its scientific and technological cooperation with its counterpart Guangzhou, and has promoted the cooperation between Qiqihar Heavy CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou CNC. The two parties signed a cooperation agreement on the joint establishment of a key laboratory for domestication and intelligentization of heavy-duty CNC machine tool systems. At the same time, our city has also actively promoted the cooperation between the two cities on technology business incubators. Fulaerji District Pioneering Business Incubator signed a cooperation agreement with the Crowd innovation Space of “the Yi-Gather Community” in Guangzhou. The “the Yi-Gather Community” innovation and entrepreneurship platform is open to the Pioneering Business Incubator. At present, it has trained 1,190 people and realized employment and reemployment of 82 people.
In addition to the fruitful results obtained from the counterpart cooperation with Guangzhou, our city has also actively promoted comprehensive cooperation between schools and cities. On the basis of the orderly promotion of 38 existing cooperation projects between Harbin Institute of Technology and Qiqihar No. 2 Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. and between the Central Iron &Steel Research Institute and CFHI, our city has advanced the transformation of 51 newly-introduced scientific and technological achievements of Beijing University of Science and Technology, Yanshan University, and Academy of Agricultural Sciences. So far, Qiqihar has established cooperation with 16 colleges and universities in and outside the province, invited Northeast Agricultural University, Yanshan University and other universities inside and outside Heilongjiang Province to come to our city to carry out scientific and technological achievements promotion and docking activities 10 times, and recommended a total of about 200 achievements, covering nearly 400 person-times including the heads of enterprises and technology in our city; our city has promoted the city-school strategic cooperation, coordinated 4 doctors from Northeast Agricultural University to work in our city, organized the "Secretary into Campus"-themed Northeast Agricultural University seminar and signed 6 city -school cooperation agreements.

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