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Rapid Development of Our City's Modern Service Industry


 On the afternoon of the 17th, more than 200 staff members were busy working in the office area on the second floor of Yinshengye Financial Services Outsourcing Co., Ltd. located in the Modern Service Industry Park of Longsha District. As the first company to settle in the industrial park, since June 30 to this year, Yinshengye has increased its staff from more than 300 at the very beginning to more than 500 now, becoming the first financial outsourcing company to settle in the Crane City. As one of the 12 key industries that the city is focusing on, Qiqihar Commerce Bureau takes the lead in making every effort in industrial system construction, project planning and attracting, target system improvement, job security advancement to actively promote the development of the modern service industry.
This year, our city has included service industries such as agriculture, industry, education, and medical care into the category of the modern service industry, determined the whole city's "One Body, Two Wings, and Nine Sectors"-based industry development direction, with the "One Body, Two Wings" referring to two parts of the modern service industry system, i.e. modern production service industries and modern life service industries, with modern production service industries mainly involving five sectors, i.e. agricultural service industry, industrial service industry, e-commerce, modern logistics, and outsourcing services, modern life service industries mainly involving four sectors, i.e. four new business formats of commerce and trade, leisure and entertainment, education and medical care. Our city has planned “One Area, Four Parks, and Two Equipment Bases” to carry “Five Million Tons-Level”cold-chain logistics systems including green pork, mid-to-high-end beef and mutton, green vegetables, fresh milk and products, and frozen staple food. So far, our city has had a total of 33 cold chain enterprises, with a built cold storage capacity of 650,000 tons and a utilization rate of 69%. The whole city has 360,000 ton storage capacity under construction, with a total cold storage area to reach up to 1.02 million tons after completion. Through sorting-out and integration, our city's modern service industry system framework has basically formed.
The modern service industry is focusing on productive service fields such as agriculture and industry in planning and attracting new projects, with main focus placed on big projects involving an investment amount of 50 million Yuan each and light asset investment projects characterized by small investment, quick results, more employment, fast tax growth, and strong driving force. In terms of the construction of big projects, the whole city has planned and advanced 57 projects involving an investment amount of 50 million Yuan each through overall planning, with a total investment amount of 9.86 billion Yuan, of which 12 projects was attracted, planned and advanced under the leadership of Qiqihar Commerce Bureau. The projects attracted and planned by Qiqihar Commerce Bureau involve a number of fields like agricultural production service industry, industrial service industry, modern logistics industry, new business and trade format, leisure and entertainment industry, e-commerce, service outsourcing, education service industry, medical service industry. Currently, the project attraction generation system has gradually improved.
In terms of improving industrial promotion measures, our city has gradually improved the statistical system and evaluation system of the modern service industry, and achieved results in industrial goal advancement. This year, our city has seen 232 newly production service companies registered in the industrial and commercial department, completing 132% of the annual plan; 610 new e-commerce businesses registered in the industrial and commercial department, exceeding the target by 22%. Our city has completed the mid-term acceptance of the first batch of pilot cities for efficient urban and rural distribution nationwide, planned and constructed 54 township-level logistics service centers and more than 680 village-level outlets. Meanwhile, our city has formulated Qiqihar Modern Service Industry Supporting Policy, with policy supported in terms of fixed asset investment, administrative approval services, carrier platform construction, and market main body cultivation; it has also formulated Qiqihar Cold Chain Logistics Plan to improve the target responsibility, dynamic management and control, operation scheduling, project information exchange and supervision and promotion mechanism of key projects in the service industry and give full play to the key role of investment in the development of the modern service industry. Our city has planned to include cultivation of market players, the development of e-commerce, the construction of standard logistics service outlets, the increase in employment and training, and the construction of the security system into industrial assessment and encouraged each county (city) and district to accelerate the pace of individualized development based on the actual local situation.
In the following construction of the whole city's modern service industry, the whole city will, based on the strategic deployment of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Committee, continue to implement the "Ten First Batches" spirit, focus on the attraction of projects involving an investment amount of over 50 million Yuan each, realize light asset investment agglomeration, cooperate with large platform carriers, and continuously complete the construction of the modern service industry system. The city will strive to make breakthroughs in attracting investment, revitalizing idle assets in the park, fighting for national policy opportunities, cooperating with major platforms and improving the industrial system. In terms of promoting the construction of the cold chain logistics system, our city will seize the opportunities of the cold chain logistics policies, and help plan divest, and restructure the professional cold chain logistics and warehousing integrated infrastructure to generate projects based on the business development needs of local leading enterprises. The city will improve the “One Area, Four Parks, and Two Equipment Bases”, carry the construction of “Five Million Tons-Level” cold-chain logistics systems, construct sound cold chain logistics systems and realize effective connection of primary and secondary industries and integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Besides, the city will constantly cultivate new business formats and new models, constantly include them in the modern service industry system. The city will constantly increase policy attractiveness, platform carrying capacity and the rationality and foresight of planning to provide service support for 11 other industries in our city, and promote the high-quality development of our city's economy.

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