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Our City's Ceramic Industry in the Ascendant


 In the cold winter of the Crane City, a busy scene is found in a factory behind Yi'an Ceramics Museum in Yi'an Economic Development Zone, some workers disassembling molds, some working on blank shapes, some busy in glazing. Among many busy workers, there is only one person who is really "willful", who is closely looking at each fired flagon in his hand, smashing "undesired" ones from time to time.
This person is Jin Yezhong, head of Yi'an Yulong Kiln Ceramics Co., Ltd. He is inspecting the quality of the wine bottles customized by the company for Fuyu Laojiao and flagons and wine glasses offered with wine. "Unqualified products will be broken and scrapped on the spot and must not be taken out of the factory." Jin Yezhong introduced.
Yi'an Yulong Kiln Ceramics Co., Ltd., incorporated in 2017, has settled in Yi'an Economic Development Zone. At present, the company has developed 20 kinds of glaze products of more than 10 categories, including "Yulong Sapphire Porcelain" wine sets, tea sets, tableware, daily celadon, beauty flush, jade pot spring, winter melon bottles and other arts and crafts celadon. "This year, Yulong Kiln Celadon cooperated with China's time-honored and 100-year-old Fuyu Laojiao to develop packaging porcelain bottles for the celadon series Fuyu Laojiao 'Dragon Porcelain Dragon Wine' and customized high-end wines, thus creating an original and geninue 'Made in Longjiang'. Just after the product was designed and finalized, Fuyu Laojiao required to supply 10,000 units before the Spring Festival. We have no alternative but to turn to the government and has rented processing workshop of the comprehensive training building for production. Next year, we will strive to cooperate with major well-known wineries in the province to customize wine packaging", Jin Yezhong said.
Relying on the domestic reserves of 23 billion tons of sandy kaolin resources, in April 2005, Yi'an County established Heilongjiang Yi'an Ceramic Industry Demonstration Base, which was included in the "Harbin-Daqing-Qiqihar" Industrial Corridor Demonstration Park in 2007 and approved by Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government Approved as a provincial economic development zone in June 2016,. In the past 3 years, Yi'an County has continuously elevated its development position, focused on the city's "Three Core Tasks" and the "Million and Ten Million" industry doubling plan, fully implemented the ceramic industry doubling development plan, solved the problems like not daring to plan big projects , not knowing how to attract big enterprises, being unwilling to use social capital and have no excellent business environment and realized new breakthroughs and new leaps forward in the ceramics industry. Currently, the ceramic industry has formed a development trend of dislocation and complementary symbiosis, filled in an industrial gap in Heilongjiang Province, with a total industrial output value of 400 million Yuan to be expected at the end of this year, laying a solid foundation for the full establishment of a super billion-level industrial cluster in Qiqihar by 2020.
In September this year, Yi'an County held the Second “China . Yi'an Ceramic Culture and Art Festival and the First Goose Culture Festival” with the theme of “More than Porcelain in Dazzling Yi'an”, at which more than 30 activities were conducted, including investment attraction and promotion, cultural exchange, exhibition and display and gourmet experience, signed 22 cooperation agreements, involving a total amount of 7.9 billion Yuan, realizing "Culture-based Economic and Trade Promotion", thus further enhancing the city's urban brand images as "Northern Porcelain Capital" and "China's Goose City"
According to Nie Bei, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Yi'an Economic Development Zone, In the future, according to the ceramic industry plan, Yi'an County will spend 10 years in building an industrial cluster with building and daily-use ceramic manufacturing industries as the main industries, equal attention paid to high-tech ceramics, new decorative materials and art ceramics, extend the industrial chain, gradually develop a professional supporting production system to form an industrial system covering R&D design——raw and auxiliary materials——product production——logistics——cultural tourism, etc., with such links organically connected, supporting each other and developing in an integrated manner, creating "Dragon Porcelain" and "Purple Pottery" brands with regional characteristics to contribute to the development of regional economy.

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