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Strengthening the Industry, Optimizing the Structure to Promote the Overall Revitalization of the Countryside


 ——Part of Keshan County's "Four-Wheel Drive" to Promote the Accelerated Development of Modern Agriculture's High Quality Development
When the village collective led the establishment of a cooperative——Xinxing Modern Agricultural and Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative in Beilian Town, Keshan County, it happened to see the cold chain logistics truck of Shuanghui Group pick up goods. The forklift truck entered the cold storage, forked up bags of 25kg fresh corn kernels one after another, transport them to a refrigerated truck, stacked trays in the hallway and then returned to the cold storage to continue getting the goods to be loaded into the truck. Zhang Chuntang, director of the cooperative, says with great pride that this year they have processed 6,745 tons of fresh corn kernels and that there are only about 1,000 tons available in the cold storage, all the others already soil in the form of orders.
It's amazing to learn more about Xinxing Village. Under continuous development, the whole village's fixed assets have reached 210 million Yuan, with industry projects covering many fields, including fresh corn, which is just the fist industry involved in priority layout these years by centering upon the industry upgrading. According to Sun Licheng, Manager of Xinxing Licheng Food Co., Ltd., Keshan County, since 2011, Xinxing Village has taken the lead in trial planting of 1500 acres of fresh corn, followed by gradual increase in the planting volume, with the benefit per mu being more than 2.5 times that of ordinary corn. Currently, due to the efforts of the company, the whole county's fresh corn planting area has exceeded over 120,000 acres. In the development process, as the premium value of processing has been noticed, they have invested 70.8 million Yuan in the establishment of a processing plant for cooking and quick freezing of fresh corn. In the future, more efforts are planned to be put in the processing industry. A canned plant project and a sweet corn plant project will be implemented very soon to further create the fresh corn brands of Xinxing Village.
The development of Xinxing Village is the epitome of the industrial development of Keshan County. In recent years, the fresh corn industry has rapidly risen in Keshan County. It is learned that the county has such fresh corn production and processing enterprises as Renfa Agriculture, Changming Food, Xinxing Licheng, Renrenhe and Guhe and boasts of 17 processing production lines, with annual processing capacity of 276,500 tons, becoming a county with the largest fresh corn processing capacity in Heilongjiang Province and has been granted China's only “Base Construction Award” in the fresh corn industry, with Renfa Agriculture and Changming Food rated as " “Top 30 National Fresh Food Corn Processing Enterprises”.
When it comes to Keshan, potatoes have to be mentioned. Like fresh corn, the potato industry, as a dominant industry enjoying vigorous support, has developed brilliantly in recent years. It is learned that Keshan County has added “Power Intertilling and Autumn Land Preparation” on the basis of the original "Deep Loosening, Large Ridges, Improved Seeds, Drip Irrigation and reduce Fertilizer Application", forming the Keshan version of the GAP mode, with the highest per unit yield reaching up to 5.74 tons, creating the highest record in Heilongjiang Province. In terms of industrial support, Fumin Potato Full Industry Chain Project involving an investment amount of 556 million Yuan is one of the key projects in Heilongjiang's Provincial Government's "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" and also China' first scalized fresh potato processing enterprise, gathering infinite energy for promoting the upgrading of the potato industry. In 2018, Keshan County was granted the title "China's Top Ten Potato-based Staple Food Demonstration Base Counties ". This year, Keshan County has successfully held 2019 Annual Meeting of the Potato Committee of the National Food Industry Association and the 4th Seed Potato Festival in Keshan County and obtained Zhongfa Fudekang Potato Hollow Capsule Project through business attraction recommendation and business attraction through business. Besides, Tianjin Haihuang French fries Processing Project, Yunying Group Potato Full Industry Chain Project and Yihai Kerry Potato Full Industry Chain Project are all under negotiation, which can constantly extend the potato industry chain and promote the high-quality development of county-level economy.
According to Wei Yuguang, Deputy Head of Keshan County, Keshan County has thoroughly implemented the new development concept, accelerated the transformation of development methods, and optimized the economic structure with the aim to promote the high-quality development of modern agriculture and continuously increase farmers' income to further advance the comprehensive all-round revitalization of the countryside.
In terms of animal husbandry industry, Keshan County has firmly grasped the state's plan to support the development of the animal husbandry industry and the revitalization of the dairy industry, with close attention paid to the construction of "Two Kinds of Cow and One Kind of Pig"-based scalized breeding farms, and strengthened cooperation with large animal husbandry industry groups to comprehensively promoted the revitalization of the animal husbandry industry. In 2019, with focus placed on "Two Kinds of Cow and One Kind of Pig", 29 scalized breeding farms were constructed, with the total number of livestock and poultry reaching up to 5.934 million, the number of livestock products reaching 83,000 tons, the total value of the animal husbandry expected to reach 2.17 billion Yuan, up 6.54% year on year. Currently, the county is cooperating with Muyuan Group, ranking 2nd in China and 3rd in the world in terms of pig breeding, with Beixing Town, Beilian Town, Xihe Town and Xianghua Township as the core, to construct a pig breeding base covering an area of 7200mu, with supporting breeding, slaughtering and processing projects established. After the desired production capacity of the project is achieved, 2 million pigs can be raised each year, which will contribute to the initial formation of an industrialized pig breeding cluster.
In terms of creating features to promote development, Keshan County has been developing diversified characteristic agriculture based on the local conditions relying on resource endowments while supporting the development of large project construction, such as making full use of residential land after garbage room elimination and the idle yards before and after farmers' houses to actively develop industries involving fresh corn, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, edible fungi, miscellaneous grains and miscellaneous beans, Chinese medicine, characteristic breeding, special forest flowers and nursery stock. The county has established a batch of "Courtyard Economy " demonstration villages featuring a high organization degree, strong dominant industrial economy, unique features and huge potentials, registered 5 product brands, including Gucheng Erlongan, Shili Puyuan and Renfa Manor. In 2019, the "Courtyard Economy " brought in a total income of 59.3 million Yuan, with average household income of 1,400 Yuan. In the future, the county will continue to develop earthworm breeding, Hericium erinaceus, and nursery stocks and other varieties based on characteristics, with focus placed on creating "Courtyard Economy " by relying on the advantages of sales based on orders with enterprises and cooperatives, like broccoli in Beilian Town and marigold in Fazhan Township to promote "Courtyard Economy " in the whole township. The county will gradually expand the industry scale, form intensive, large-scale, professional development model, gradually guide the shift of rural industry from "Courtyard Economy" to "One Industry in One Township " to constantly increase the development momentum of the rural industry.

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