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Qiqihar Cultural Tourism Exhibition Enters Guangzhou


 On the 12th, Qiqihar Cultural Tourism Exhibition themed with “Crane Dancing on the Snowfield, Ice Rhythm in the Crane City” entered Baiyun District, Guangzhou City to strengthen the exchange, interaction and cooperation between the cultural tourism enterprises in Qiqihar and Guangzhou.
This event is sponsored by Qiqihar Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau and organized by CYTS-LINKAGE PUBLIC RELATIONS CONSULTING CO. LTD., and the on-site exhibition area at the cultural tourism exhibition is divided into three parts, i.e. “Tour around the Crane City”, “Tasting the Crane City” and “Appreciating the Crane City”.
The “Tour around the Crane City” exhibition area exhibits the city’s winter scenery, with pictures used to show tourists the unique winter charm that can be experienced during the tour around the crane city. Watching cranes in the snow in the reeds in Zhalong National Nature Reserve, leaping to heart’s contents in Aoyue Nianzishan Ski Resort, walking among the Snow Scenes in Longsha Park, facing animals from all parts of the world in Longsha Zoo and Botanical Garden, having fun in the Snow and Ice Q Paradise and feeling the charm of ice and snow in the Ice and Snow Grand Viewing Park, accompanied by the staff’s live commentary, presenting a lively, real and vivid Qiqihar.
The “Tasting the Crane City” exhibition area displays special delicacies in Qiqihar by bringing the crane city’s food to Guangzhou, presenting the original food scene, where tourists can enjoy “Qiqihar Barbie Q” highly recommended by Shen Teng in the movie “Hello Mr. Billionaire”, a piece of Yians goose, taste the fresh fish caught from Meris Lake, smell freshly cooked Tailai rice, with Daur’s special delicacies, Qiqihar’s green food, local famous wine, etc. available for tasting and sale at the expo, making Guangzhou tourists hold thumbs up for the crane city’s food.
The “Appreciating the Crane City” exhibition area exhibits exquisite artifacts, with Qiqihar’s intangible cultural heritage and characteristic tourist souvenirs displayed at the expo. Yian’s ceramics has become known to the public relying on its high-quality “Hometown of Chinese Five-Colored Soil (Northern Purple Clay)”; the original and exquisite artworks (including Heqiyuan’s gems, jade, ceramics, crystal, sculpture) of more than ten series, themed with red-crowned cranes, are dazzling; brightly-colored special products like Meris costumes, medicinal stone and agate making visitors reluctant to leave.
At this exhibition, our city has also launched nine winter boutique tourist routes, including amalgamation of ice and fire, which is a passionate and romantic journey; pillars of great powers, which is an amazing journey; cool military industry, a mysterious adventure journey; cranes dancing on the snowfield, a journey filled with ice and snow fun; parent-kid study tour, a journey making you fall in love with the crane city; snowfield hot springs, a leisure and recreation trip; humanistic crane city, a characteristic folklore trip; stimulating taste buds, a gourmet journey; bearing in mind history, a red education trip; interspersed with Qiqihar’s winter tourism features like watching cranes on the snowfield, snowfield hot spring, fun on the ice, special food, and cool military industry, bringing an extraordinary tourism experience to tourists.
Our city and Guangzhou are counterpart cooperation cities, the two sides have established long-term market-oriented counterpart cooperation. The successful holding of this cultural tourism exhibition has further strengthened the exchange, interaction and cooperation between the tourism enterprises in Qiqihar and Guangzhou, provided an excellent platform to better publicize Qiqihar’s tourism enterprises in Guangzhou. At the same time, it has increased Qiqihar’s market share in Guangzhou’s tourism market, expanded Qiqihar‘s tourism visibility; exhibited Qiqihar ‘s diverse resources in an all-round way through the exhibition, and brought Qiqihar’s excellent resources in tourism, industry, folklore, cuisine and other aspects to the people of Guangzhou.

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