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Historic Breakthrough in the Development of Our City’s Grain Industry


 In the year of 2019, which has just passed, our city seized the favorable opportunity of the “Grain Processing Industry Quality Improvement Year” in the province, and actively implemented the “Two Heads and Two Tails”, 12 key industries, and “Million and Ten Million” industry doubling plans, effectively promoting the high-quality development of the city’s grain industry by taking bold action, tapping potentials, improving the weak points, and making up for shortcomings. According to statistics, in 2019, our city saw raw material consumption of 6.852 million tons by the grain and oil processing enterprises in our city, achieving 137% of the target, up 65.5% year-on-year, higher than the province’s target by 55%; product sales revenue of 16.3 billion yuan, achieving 135.8% of the target, up 55.1% year-on-year, higher than the province’s target by 41%, with raw material consumption and product revenue indicators hitting record high.
Attaching importance to projects to promote upgrading. In 2019, our city regarded the construction of grain processing projects as the engine of industrial upgrading, and made every effort to implement projects, especially large projects. In terms of key project construction, Yihai Kerry Complex Project completed investment of nearly 1.8 billion Yuan, Hongzhan Phase II Edible Alcohol Project was completed, commissioned and put into production as scheduled, and Longjiang Fufeng’s Grain Railway Transportation Distribution Center Supporting Facilities Construction Project and Crystal Sugar Green Production Technology Transformation Project were completed and put into use, with the whole city’s corn deep processing capacity reaching up to 5.2 million tons, realizing a year-on-year increase of 24%; in terms of guiding enterprises’ capacity expansion and extension chain, our city adhered to internal stability and external expansion, paid attention to large enterprises and supported small ones at the same time, foster new enterprises and improving old ones to achieve the industry structure optimization and the improvement in both quality and efficiency. For example, Longjiang Fufeng’s crystal sugar production line technical transformation has increased the purity of crystalline sugar to over 99.5%, improving the comprehensive utilization of resources. National invention patents have been declared for the treatment method and regeneration process used in this project. The soybean protein produced by Heilongjiang Blue Ocean Soybean Food Co., Ltd. has been exported to such countries as the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Italy, bringing in foreign exchange of 16.81 million US dollars in 2019.
Attaching importance to investment attraction to increase efficiency. Our city has been unswervingly taking investment attraction as a breakthrough centering upon industrial transformation and development, and has signed intent agreements with non-local high-quality enterprises like Jingliang, Yuliang, Guangzhou Fengxing and Guangzhou Shuangqiao, involving 1.95 million tons of grain, realizing a year-on-year increase of 110%, by accelerating the production and sales pace based on “Going out and Coming in”, reached corn collection and storage intention cooperation agreements involving 100,000 tons of grain, with funds of about 160 million yuan collected; with brands leading growth, utilizing the excellent “Journey of Heilongjiang’s Good Grain and Oil in China” platform, our city’s high-quality “Green Food” brands have been actively publicized, with enterprises organized to participate in grain exhibitions inside and outside Heilongjiang Province to promote the direct cooperation between enterprises, cooperatives and large grain producers and sales areas, with “Internet +” sales strengthened, online and offline purchase and sales agreements signed, involving a total of about 4 million tons of grain, up 85% over the same period last year. Through the “High-Quality Grain” project, our city has created a “protection net” for food quality and safety from the field to the dining table, established 19 grain post-production service center projects, completed 10 food quality and safety inspection and monitoring system construction projects, and spared no effort to create high-quality food industry development highlands. Attaching importance to innovation to improve quality. Centering upon market demand, industrial demand, and safety demand, our city has attached importance to innovation based on the actual situation to cause the whole city’s food industry to reach a higher development level. In terms of accelerating the in-depth integration of production, education, and research, our city has adhered to innovation-based drive and strengthened college-enterprise and school-enterprise cooperation to actively guide processing enterprises to strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutions such as colleges and universities. Longjiang Fufeng and Yuwang Soybean has been included in China’s 2nd batch of “100 Doctoral Service Grain Enterprises” project; 5 food processing enterprises including Hemeitaifu has joined Heilongjiang’s food processing industry technology innovation strategic alliance to provide technical support for high-quality development. In terms of innovating and creating high-quality service modes, our city has adhered to the tenet of “Strengthening Services, Focusing on Effectiveness, and Solving Problems”, established and regularly updated a service enterprise ledger, implemented a “three services and three connections” work measures to promote the implementation of large projects “One after Another” in our city with high-quality, efficient and convenient services. In terms of exploring a new mechanism for the rotation of local reserves, our city has implemented the approved spirit of connecting municipal-level reserves with marketization as required by the Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Qiqihar People’s Government, fully mobilizing enterprises to actively participate in management operation, completing the actual reserve work of 117,000 tons of local reserves last year. Our city’s practice will be promoted throughout the province.
Attaching importance to reforms to become bigger and stronger. With focus placed on deepening the reform of the Qiqihar Grain Group, our city has been adhering to the problem-oriented approach, paid close attention to task advancement, and take a new market-oriented and group-based development road. In the top-level design, through a number of thematic studies at the in-depth reform meetings of the Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, the executive meetings of Qiqihar Municipal People’s Government and the mayor’s office meetings, Qiqihar Grain Group has been listed as a key work goal of our city, forming a work pattern characterized by high-level planning, strong supervision, and key breakthrough. Qiqihar Grain Bureau has held a workshop on “Deepening the Group-Based Reform of the Grain Industry” twice, reached the consensus of “Early Reform and Early Initiative, Early Reform and Early Development, Group Involvement, Mixed Reform of Grain Depots, Scale Operation, and Benefit Sharing”, established a special reform team to visit enterprises for investigation and organized enterprises to visit large grain enterprises like Yuliang and Jingliang for inspection to vigorously advance the market-oriented reform of Qiqihar Grain Group and its substantial operation. In the process of resource integration, our city has optimizes the layout of state-owned capital, incorporated military grain companies, military grain reserves, and grain wholesale markets into group-based management by means of free transfer of equity, disposed the existing allocated land of enterprises by means of buying shares based on the agreed land price and negotiated transfers, bringing in additional assets 94.352 million Yuan, creating a precedent for pricing state-owned land in the province’s grain system. The strategic investment agreements with Yuliang and Jingliang Group have been implemented, involving an estimated investment amount of 100 million yuan. A cross-province “Production, Storage, Purchase, Processing and Sales” system has been established to create a new momentum for enterprise development.
Attaching importance to guarantee to promote development. Our city has taken the mayor’s responsibility system for food security as the general starting point to escort high-quality development of the food industry. In the grain inventory, the amount of grain involved in the census reached 19.58 million tons, involving 190 grain storage sites for policy purposes, with all problems and hidden dangers eliminated. The big inventory six-stage operation manual formulated through research, large inventory census announcements and template for the work materials of each stage have been affirmed and praised by the joint national inspection team. Focus has been placed on investigating and handling the cases involving grain, including .food circulation-related violations of laws and regulations on food distribution and disputes over food transactions to ensure timely, accurate and efficient disposal and determined management and maintenance of the order of the grain circulation market by law. At the same time, special control activities like safe grain storage in spring and summer, the creation of “One Conformity and Four Zeros” and safety production have been completed, the established goal of “Zero” accidents in the city’s grain industry has been achieved, and “Nine Consecutive Championships” has been realized in the standardized storage management in the whole province. Last year, our city ranked 2nd provincially in the food security mayor accountability system assessment, obtained excellent ranking in the whole province for three consecutive years.

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