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Spring ploughing and production orderly started in Qiqihar



It is learned from Qiqihar Bureau of Agriculture and Rural affairs that, Qiqihar governments at all levels are earnestly observing the spirit of Central, provincial and municipal rural work conferences. While implementing strict epidemic prevention and control, Qiqihar is seizing the favorable opportunities for temperature rising and good soil moisture content for the purpose of guarantee and stabilizing production, persisting in early planning, early deployment and early commencement. Nowadays, spring ploughing production in Qiqihar has been orderly started.
It is introduced that, the planned total sown area in Qiqihar is 34,862,780 mu. Until 27th, April, 180,910 mu of dry farmlands is sown, which accounted for 0.617%, of which, 3270 mu of wheat is sown, 91,210 mu of corn is sown, 1290 mu of tuberous roots is sown, 85,140 mu of other crops is sown. In addition, soaking of rice paddies has been carried out successively from south to north. Currently, among the 5,526,140 mu of paddies to be soaked in Qiqihar, 808,200 mu is soaked, accounted for 14.625% of the total. The photo shows that agricultural technicians are examining growth of rice seedlings to prepare for spring ploughing and production.

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