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CRRC Qiqihar Group firstly exported long-rail car train set



A long-rail car train set developed by CRRC Qiqihar Group exported for the first time. On 23rd, April, cars of the 400m long-rail car train set exported to Australia Rio Tinto PLC are transported one by one to Dalian Port.
This 400m long-rail car train set exported was developed by both subsidiaries of CRRC Qiqihar Group – CRRC Qiqihar Rolling Stocks Co., Ltd. and CRRC Shenyang Co., Ltd for the joint special fund of Australian Rio Tinto PLC at the beginning of 2019. It is used for laying continuous welded rails. This train set has a total length of 445.9m, is composed 23 cars and 1 manipulator. These 23 cars are divided into 9 types. This train set has track transportation, track unloading, track recovery and other functions. It is capable of transporting 40 pieces of 400-long steel tracks with a specification of 68kg/m.
After this 400m long-rail car train set arrived in Australia, it will be immediately put into construction of the railway line for the new mining area of the latest high-tech mining area of Rio Tinto, thus help Rio Tinto to produce high-quality ores. After the trains set put into service, it is able to reduce the number of engineering constructors, reduce the labour intensity of operators, and realize a new operation mode that accurately serve the user.
In the past two years, CRCC Qiqihar has brought integration effects into full play, and conduct collaborative technical innovations as per the train of thought of “concentrated researches on techniques, joint development of products, make joint efforts in establishment of and sharing of capabilities”. The 400m long-rail car train set is very hard to design, its production requirement is high, quality control is strict. CRRC Qiqihar Group has effectively utilized the pioneering technical advantages of CRRC Qiqihar Company and the professional advantages of CRRC Shenyang with regard to long-rail cars to achieve a new breakthrough of product export. Under the overall planning of CRCC Qiqihar Group, both CRRC Qiqihar Company and CRRC Shenyang Company did well epidemic prevention and control, meanwhile, spare no effort to organize production and coordinate related resources, completed research and develop, production works for the train set on schedule, and won the praise and gratitude of Rio Tinto.

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