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Jianlong Beiman won an “all-round victory” in Q1



Since the outbreak of COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2, Jianlong Beiman Special steel Co., Ltd had been working for both anti-epidemic, and production &operation at the same time, thus stabilized and improved her production and operation, successfully won an “all-round victory” in Q1, stabilized her team of officials and employees, and also made a contribution for stabilizing local economy.
It is learned that, the total industrial output value of Jianlong Beiman was CNY1.585 billion, with a year-over-year (YOY) growth of 25.71%; iron production was 398KT, YOY growth was 12.3%; steel production was 452KT, YOY growth was 21.7%; materials production was 434KT, YOY growth was 21.18%. Her revenues from main businesses was CNY1.501 billion, YOY growth was 1.08%; profit was CNY 30.27 million, YOY growth was 67.69%. The company won an “all-round victory” in Q1. In the course of corporate production and operation in Q1, corporate turn-over quantity of products in January was 162.9KT, consigned quantity reached a new record of 161.7KT, both of them broken their historic records.
While indexes of production and operation were stabilized and improved, development of wire products by Jianlong Beiman made great strides in Q1, successfully developed 7 types of new products, achieved an order of 2646t.
In the special period of “forestall imported epidemic infections and domestic epidemic rebounds”, both inbound and outbound logistics became the toughest question. With supports from governments at all levels, a green channel was opened to guarantee logistics and transports, corporate demands on materials for production and operation were satisfied through adjustment of internal utilization structure and transportation modes, etc., of which, the budgetary target of iron production was overfulfilled.

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