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Small Chinese medicinal herbs drive a big industry


 - Series report for vigorous development of pharmaceutical industry in Qiqihar (Report II)
Planting of Chinese medicinal herbs is the basis for the entire TCM industry chain. Chinese medicinal herbs are principal raw materials for producing Chinese decoction pieces, prepared Chinese medicines, extract, food, health care products and other TCM products. With the rapid development of Chinese medicinal herb planting in Qiqihar, the overall TCM industry also has a good onset.
Since the outbreak of epidemic, TCM has played an important role in reducing evolution of miner aliments and ordinary aliments to severe aliments, increase the cure rate, decrease the death rate and promote body recovery of patients in the convalescence. With the increasing market demands, Heilongjiang Shenge Pharmaceutical Company seized opportunities, orient herself towards market demands, has become one of leading enterprises in the modern TCM industry in Qiqihar.
Meanwhile, in the face of demands for anti-epidemic and health, TCM enterprises in Qiqihar will follow the thought of “old medicines for new purposes”, intensify scientific researches, endeavour to develop new medicines, establish a TCM producing and processing center, actively promote production project of Tailai Dalian Merro to produce isatis root oral liquids, Renhe biological extraction project, the Chinese decoction pieces of Tailai Xinheng Pharmacy and other projects to seize market shares of TCM.
One of tentacles for industry chain development of Chinese medicinal herb planting is the health care product industry in the field of massive health care industry. Qiqihar Medical University invested scientific research forces and obtain a certain of achievements in deep and fine processing of Chinese medicinal herbs, scientific researches and exploration, health care products and other industries. Entrusted by Health Commission of Heilongjiang province, the Scientific research division of Qiqihar Medical University establishes a Research Institute for milk vetch roots, that is specialized in researching milk vetch roots and its derivatives. Milk vetch roots in Heilongjiang Province are genuine and quality, planters used to stare at its underground yield due to the lack of knowledge, its yield per unit area is low, that caused a lower occupation ratio of milk vetch root planting in Qiqihar. In 2019, Local food safety standards for both foods of dried milk-vetch flowers and dried milk-vetch stems & leaves proposed by The Research Institute for milk vetch roots of Qiqihar Medical University were officially issued by Health Commission of Heilongjiang Province, that means that the ground parts of milk-vetch can also be used as food, packed as products for sale. Its planting is very prosperous.
In terms of Salvia Miltiorrhizae planting, Prof. Ma Dezhi, Research Division of Qiqihar Medical University said, although Salvia Miltiorrhizae is not a local genuine medicinal herb, the successful experiences regarding Salvia Miltiorrhizae acquired by Fuyu County proved that, Salvia Miltiorrhizae can be planted in the cold region at the north latitude of 47 degree. The diurnal temperature variation in Qiqihar is big, sandy soil is fertile, the medicinal effect of Salvia Miltiorrhizae planted here is obviously higher than those from the south. Especially in recent years, with the variation of people’s diet structures and emergence of an ageing society, the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is increasing, Salvia Miltiorrhizae plays an important role that cannot be replaced by other medicines in the course of clinical treatment and prevention. Its demand is increasing year by year. The prospect of Salvia Miltiorrhizae planting and of the market of Salvia Miltiorrhizae tea health care products is extensive.
The industry chain of genuine Chinese medicinal herb planting in Qiqihar can drive the development of regional animal husbandry, or even the development of tourism. For example, milk vetch, liquorice, isatis root are favorable forage grasses, able to increase immunity, antivirus capability of animals, can improve the quality of meat, eggs and milk. They are rare natural factors for produce green livestock products in the Crane City. The florescence of milk vetch is very long, lasting from July to September, its flowers and leaves picked can be used as tea drink. Flowers and leaves of other herbs like sprouts of Artemisia integrifolia and dandelion have the efficacy of clearing lung and relieve inflammation. They can be absolutely used as high-end tourism commodities to repay tourists from every where, thus drive the development of tourism in Qiqihar.
Scientific research is the golden key for development. In recent years, Qiqihar has been always devoted herself to research and popularize Chinese medicinal herbs and its downstream products. Since 2017, Qiqihar University has been relying on the MOE engineering center for flax processing technologies, provincial key disciplines of chemical engineering and techniques and other disciplines and related scientific research platforms, established a method for testing both CBD and THC contents in hemp at the same time with an efficient liquid chromatography, and took a lead in Heilongjiang. This method provides a scientific guidance for daily supervision on industrial hemp planting and harvesting time of industrial hemp, as well as scientific basis for effective supervision and healthy development of industrial hemp industry in Heilongjiang.
Look forward to the future, Qiqihar is actively promoting both quality and S&T content of modern TCM; will set up a TCM R&D center, strive for national, provincial and municipal policies regarding set-up of scientific research projects, cultivate a batch of industrial R&D projects; will prioritize Swiss SGS to set an international standard for competitive varieties of genuine medicinal herbs in Qiqihar; will construct the Deep processing and innovation center for industrial hemp deep of Qiqihar University, and make it to be a national scientific research organization for testing THC and CBD contents; will build TCM brands of Crane City, and promote the rapid development of pharmaceutical industry from all aspects.

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