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During investigating in Gannan County, Sun Shen emphasized that, continually consolidate and improve effects of storming fortifications for poverty alleviation, and spare no effort to promote the high-quality socioeconomic development


 On 7th, Sun Shen, Deputy director of the Standing committee of the Provincial People’s Congress and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, spent one day to go down to Gannan County, and conducted an investigation with regard to consolidation and enhancement regarding storming fortifications for poverty alleviation, agricultural spring ploughing and production as well as construction of industrial projects. Sun Shen emphasized that, spare no effort to promote socioeconomic development on the premise of grasp well normalized epidemic prevention and control, continuously consolidate and improve achievements of storming fortifications for poverty alleviation, strengthen the aftereffects of stabilizing poverty alleviation, do a good job for attracting business and investment, promote construction of industrial projects, do not delay any farming season, speed up spring ploughing and production, try hard to promote farmers to increase their incomes while guaranteeing the national grain safety.
Sun Shen went down successively to construction site of Gannan No.2 pig farm of Muyuan 1.5 million pig raising project in Renmin Village, Changshan Town, Gannan County, the construction site of Sweet corn processing industrial project for poverty alleviation in Qiancheng Village, Changshan Town, the 10k mu planting base of Chinese medicinal herbs in Xiaoguang Village, Gannan Town, the no-tillage sowing site in Huanxi Village, Gannan Town, Xingguo Village, Xinglong Town and other places. At every place, Sun Shen learned the construction progress of project, effect of attraction for business and investment, results of poverty alleviation with an industry, grassroots governance and other truth in details, put forward directive guidance and requirements.
Sun Shen stressed that, as a city of granary, Qiqihar shall not only make contributions to ensure national grain safety, but also spare no effort to promote farmers to increase their incomes. Departments at all levels shall further raise their political position, take “ensuring grain safety” as main task, firmly promote agricultural production, properly ascertain planted area of grain, well implement various safeguards to ensure an increase of agricultural production and farmers’ income. Qiqihar, as a whole, shall actively popularize grain no-tillage corn sowing techniques in areas where suitable for no-tillage corn sowing. To further popularize quality rice varieties, continuously promote both added value and market popularity of products through unifying varieties, expanding the planting scale and set up a brand.
As for consolidation and improvement works regarding storming fortification of poverty alleviation, Sun Shen emphasized that, to spare no effort to develop “one product for one village” and “small orchard economy”, governments at both town and county levels shall help villages to plan projects for wealth acquisition, to leverage small courtyards of former poor families, firmly grasp three elements (characteristic, scale and brand), make full use of the leading action of leading enterprises, speed up development of joint-stock cooperatives, insisting on integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, guide cooperatives and enterprises for mutual equity participation, in order to benefit peasant households in cooperatives from several links. Based on characteristics, develop advantages, continuously improve the driving capacity of industries to aid the poor, to be more resolute and exert more efforts to impel storming fortifications for poverty alleviation, and resolutely win the full victory of storming fortification for poverty alleviation.
Sun Shen stressed that, Gannan County shall continue to promote cooperation with Beijing Capital Agribusiness & Food Group (BJCAF), explore the way of mixed ownership, make use of brands and channels of BJCAF for cooperative business attraction to introduce social capital. Exert great efforts to develop planting industry of Chinese medicinal herbs, scientifically select varieties to be planted on the basis of market demand and economic benefits, scientifically plan the scale of development, form brand influences, obtain the right of speech in transactions; resolutely eradicate pesticide residue and ensure the quality of products; actively introduce decoction pieces processing and other projects, continually extend industrial chains. To set up the upper limit of pig raising in a scientific way, promote Muyuan pig raising and processing project to extend its industrial chain and realize the full utilization, deep and fine processing of pig skins, hairs, bones and blood on the basis of the ecological bearing capacity in the County, in order to maximize the economic benefits. To actively provide good services for projects, guide enterprises to put forward their labour demands, help enterprises to contact employees, may take construction and concentrated quarantine measures for migrant workers, thus quickly grasp the effective construction period.
Sun Shen emphasized that, to coordinate and promote renovation of human habitats in rural areas, to effectively solve the issue of white pollution caused by farming through establishment of a responsibility system for environment at the ends of villages and ends of lands. To proactively promote integration, cancellation and merging of villages, strengthen infrastructure construction of central villages, improve the function of service guarantee, promote quick integration of villagers of merged villages, to really benefit villagers through cancellation and merging of villages. To continually promote improvement and governance of ecological environment, scientifically plan varieties, layout direction and planted area of forest grasses so as to effectively realized control on wind and sand.
Persons in charge of related departments directly under the municipal government accompanied for investigation.

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