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Qiqihar signed a cooperation agreement with Longrui Company


 On the morning of 9th, Qiqihar and Heilongjiang Longrui Assets Operation Co., Ltd. Jointly held a signing ceremony for the project of cooperation agreement regarding the comprehensive straw utilization, and comprehensive treatment of livestock and poultry faeces in Xianhe Hotel.
Wang Yongshi, Vice-Mayor, and main persons in charge from Qiqihar Bureau of Agriculture and Rural affairs, Qiqihar Bureau of Animal husbandry and Veterinarians, Ang’angxi District People’s Government and Heilongjiang Longrui Assets operation Co., Ltd. Attended this ceremony.
It is introduced that, the total investment for this project is expected to be CNY 1 billion. In which, a straw processing plant, an organizer fertilizer plant, a biological fungicide factory, etc. will be constructed, it will realize an ecological circular agriculture that integrates fodder, breeding and waste disposal. Signing of this project will improve the overall level of comprehensive straw utilization and comprehensive treatment of livestock and poultry faeces in Qiqihar, open a new page for ecological agriculture in Qiqihar, and play a role of positive driving for development of agricultural production and animal husbandry in Qiqihar. In addition, as a project for integration between agricultural primary, secondary and tertiary industries as well as comprehensive resource utilization, this project will not only improve the ecological environment of agriculture, but also solve the current bottleneck issue of comprehensive straw utilization, and realize a sustainable and healthy agricultural development.

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