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Feihe 40KT intelligent milk powder processing project officially put into production


 In the intelligent infant milk powder workshop in Heilongjiang Feihe Kedong Company, the production data are varying on the intelligent control displays, the full-atomic enclosed production lines are operating in a well-ordered way, workers are continuously inspecting and patrolling.
Since its commencement in August, 2018, the intelligent infant milk powder processing project of Heilongjiang Feihe Kedong Company completed the commissioning of first batch of products on 12th, January, this year and officially put into commercial production a few days ago.
“This project adopts GEA intelligent production lines, drying towers, is equipped with an intelligent software-based control system, completed with integrated 3D warehouses, gas boilers and a sewage plant. The powder workshop and package workshop are connected via corridors to realize a high-speed transportation of materials. Unified actions with the package workshop will make overall operation of company more scientific and efficient, thus promote its production efficiency.” Guo Zhongliang, Vice-general manager of Production department of Feihe Milk, and Manager of Kedong company introduced. “Three processes include pretreatment, vaporation and drying, as well as dozens of links undergone from entry of raw materials to completion of semi-finished goods are controlled via computers by engineers inside the central control room, only over 20 workers are required for production in a day.”
The total investment of this project is CNY 530million. Its total floor space is 13,000m2, floorage is 20,000m2. An auxiliary 7000m2 intelligent 3D warehouse is constructed. After the project officially put into production, it will produce 40KT of high-end infant formula milk powder per annum, achieve a sales income of CNY 4 billion, pay a tax of CNY 800 million, and provide 100 posts. It will play an important role of impetus to enhance the core market competitiveness of Feihe Milk and promote accelerated development of county economy.
In recent years, Kedong County Party Committee and County Government have always taken green development as their duties, have been continually exploring an ecological circulation mode that integrates farming and raising for both agriculture and animal husbandry, and assist Feihe Milk to establish the first completely controllable full industry chain in the industry. They have supported Feihe Milk to successively establish a 50KT core processing factory for formula milk powder, 3 ten-thousand standard dairy farms, as well as 50KT intelligent milk powder packaging project, a 40KT intelligent milk powder production project, a 3KT rice flour production, 10KT liquid infant milk project and other supporting projects for production. They have introduced Ansheng Agriculture, Tengfei Organic Fertilizer and other upstream and downstream supporting and relevant enterprises. Its overall benefit is continuously prominent in economic calculation of Kedong.

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