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1.6 billion of production revenue realized by Zijin Copper in the first four months


 The copper metallurgy project of Heilongjiang Zijin Cooper Co., Ltd is one of “Provincial Hundred projects” of Heilongjiang. From the project ignited and put into operation on 18th, August, 2019 to production of the first batch of cathode copper on 1st, October, then until now, it has been continually operating over a half year. In this half year, its production technology has been continuously optimized, all equipment are operating safely and stably, all indexes are controlled well, its environmentally friendly emission is superior to that specified in national criteria.
In the central control room of Zijin Copper production dispatch center, those LED displays on wall are displaying all corners of the factory, and all real-time situations of each production process will be fed back to the display. Workers introduced: “We are monitoring the real-time data of the whole process from entry of copper concentrate, smelting, acid generation, electrolysis and other processes of production system. Emission indexes for waste water and waste gases will be displayed at a real time, and networked with related departments of environmental protection for monitoring.”
Luo Weijin, the Director-general of safety and environmental of Zijin Copper said, “the problems cared by the masses are the premises of our safe production. From commencement of project to now, we have invested over CNY 500 million in total in safety and environmental protection. Waste gases and water will be treated and then realize a super-clean emission. In future, we will ensure continuous and stable operation of safety and environmental protection equipment and facilities through continuous investment and normalized management.”
It is learned that, to realize a super-clean of waste gases and water, the corporate acid plant adopted a combined desulfuration technology with activated cokes plus moisture and electric combination – a relatively advanced method in the world to treat waste gases. With both of these technologies, SO2 content is less than 20mg/Nm3, far less than the 400mg/Nm3 specified in national standards, NOx content is less than 20mg/Nm3, far less than the 240mg/Nm3 specified in national standards, dust content is less than 10mg/Nm3,far less than the 80mg/Nm3 specified in national standard. It has really realized a super-clean emission; in terms of sewage treatment, a two-stage vulcanization approach is adopted, the extraction rate of As, Cu reached over 98%, after the deep treatment technology with biological agents, the treated water is used for production make-up, thus realize a zero-emission of process waste water.
In 2019, on the premise of safe environmental protection and stable production, Zijin Copper produced 23KT of cathode copper, 144KT of sulfuric acid, realized a total industrial output value of CNY1.28 billion and an operating revenue of CNY 1.06 billion, paid a tax of CNY 7.6 million; the epidemic is encountered in 2020, however, the enterprise overcome difficulties, produced 38.5KT of cathode copper, 148.6KT of sulfuric acid and realized an operating revenue of over CNY 1.6 billion in the period of January-April.

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