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Development advanced in strides


 - Gannan County economy grew against the trend in Q1
Since the outbreak of epidemic, Gannan County has continuously taken serious anti-epidemic measures, meanwhile, handed in an outstanding examination paper of economic development to the whole society, and added more confidence to Qiqihar for accelerate recovery and revitalization.
Gannan Qiaqia Food Co., Ltd is a well-established leisure food processor, as said by Li Weiguang, the factory director, that, first quarters in past years were the off-seasons of the industry, sometimes they might shut down and stop production sometimes in February. However, in this year, as a result of the epidemic, the masses respond to the call of “staying at home”, the quantity of orders is soaring. It, on the contrary, means a rare opportunity for them.
“We overcome heavy resistance, started to resume our production on 15th, February. It means we seized the decisive occasion in the same industry. Because of that our orders are “overstuffed”, our factory has been keeping at the full-load production state with a daily output of over 30T until now. According to statistics, the internal production company of enterprise realized an industrial output value of CNY 24.7 million in total and a profit and tax of CNY 2.04 million in Q1; the North Qiaqia sales company in charge of sales had sold out 1585t in Q1, obtained an output value of CNY 47.11 million, a profit and tax of CNY 9.33 million. The output of the enterprise as a whole increased by 186% in comparison with the same period in the previous year. “When presenting this group of data, Li Weiguang expressed his profound gratitude to related department of Gannan County for their endeavours to help the enterprise resume full production earlier. It is impossible to get today’s achievement under the current severe situation of epidemic prevention and control if the government did not provide such powerful assistance and impetus.
Since the outbreak of epidemic, Gannan County had implement the policy of “promise and commence” for enterprises who meet the standards of epidemic prevention, through strict execution of the standard procedure of a registration and commencement system. Gannan County had proactively coordinate service guarantees for anti-epidemic materials required for resumption/commencement of works by enterprises, solved 23 restriction factors include difficult financing, expensive financing, limited access, hard to recruit and retain talents, high operating costs, etc., grasping both epidemic prevention & control and resumption of work and production firmly with both hands from all aspects, thus benefit a lot of enterprises. Gao Yonghong, General manager of Jilang Rice, said, the loan CNY 15 million that successively entered into the company’s account in this period provided a very big assistance to the company for stabilizing itself, posts and capital turnover, allowed the company to resume works officially on 22nd, February, and realized an output value of over CNY 25 million in Q1.
Statistical data of Gannan County Bureau of Statistics indicated that, industrial economy in the county realized a smooth and rapid development. In Q1, the GVIO (gross value of industrial output) of the county as a whole completed CNY1.53 billion, with a YOY growth of 48%; industrial added value completed CNY610 million, with a YOY growth of 68.6%, completed a paid-up tax of CNY 170million, with a YOY growth of 25.3%. Of which, Gannan Feihe Milk completed a GVIO of CNY 1.07 billion, with a YOY growth of 103%; ORG (Gannan) Packaging Co., Ltd. completed a GVIO of CNY 53.56 million, with a YOY growth of 80.7%; Jiayixiang Food Co., Ltd completed a GVIO of CNY 70.37million, with a YOY growth of 97.2%, it can be called as “blossoming everywhere”. Nowadays, data of paid-up taxes in local for the first 4 months of 2020 are released, the index of CNY 278 million and a YOY growth of 26.36% also proved the prosperous economic development tendency of Gannan County from another side.
While boosting favourable development of existing enterprises, Gannan County also actively promote commencement/resumption of projects under construction through a “special service team” system. The 200K pig raising project of Beijing Capital Agribusiness & Food Group in Shuanghe Farm and the Muyuan 1.5 million pig raising project in Changshan Town, Gannan County are new projects that signed respectively at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Full considerations were given to the factor of epidemic influences by both enterprises. The planned dates of commencement for both project are respectively as 1st, April and 1st, May. However, to their surprise, the special service team formed by Gannan County for big projects put into high gear during the epidemic period, conducted power installation, design of road networks, site investigation, transaction of formalities and other businesses or procedures, provided “cloud transactions” via video conference for the project if its related persons cannot come in person, and transact formalities for the project under a strict protection if its related persons can arrive at the site. Various attentive services allow both projects to be successfully commenced in 20 days ahead of the schedule, thus “fought” the precious time slot back for enterprises.
Accelerate implementation of different policies and measures to stabilize and assist enterprises, break down barriers for development of enterprises, invigorate and give momentum to enterprises through struggling services are the focuses of works for the County government. From the begging of this year to now, the County has engaged with 65 enterprises one by one, planned and reserved 26 projects for business attraction, successfully attracted 9 projects, with a total investment of CNY 11.03 billion. Economic development of the County will keep striding forward.

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