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Tourism consumption driven by various policies designed to benefit people



19th, May of this year is the 10th China Tourism Day. Qiqihar issued several policies designed to benefit people to attract tourism consumption on the premise of strict prevention and control and against a background of normalized epidemic prevention and control.
Just after 9:00am, some travellers came one by one to participate the activity of One-day tour with “Travelling in Nenjiang River by a luxury yacht” designed to benefit travellers specially launched by Mingyue Island Scenic spot, for enjoying the beautiful scenery at both banks of Nenjiang River and on Mingyue Island in the whole journey. Bao Shen, the manager of Marketing Department of Mingyue Island Scenic spot introduced that, all provincial and municipal measures for epidemic prevention and control are strictly implemented in the scenic spot, regular sterilization is carried out on boats in every day, emergency boxes containing disinfecting wipes and anti-epidemic face masks are equipped with boats in order to provide a safe travelling environment for tourists. The first tourist group departed today encompasses 102 tourists. Further groups will be organized subsequently as the case may be.
On the same day, Zhalong Ecotourism also launched half-price adult tickets, as well as a preferential policy for providing free tickets to senior citizens aged over 60, pupils, middle school and college students as well as servicemen, the disabled along with medical workers. Four times flying of red-crowned cranes in a day also attracted many tourists to visit.
In addition, other scenic spots in Qiqihar also conducted promotions to attract tourists. Half-price tickets were provided by the Military-industrial culture park of Nianzishan Tourism area on 19th, May, free tickets were provided by Shexian Cave Scenic spot on 19th, May; a “Beautiful YI’an” propaganda and photograph exhibition for “China Tourism Day-19th, May” was carried out in Yi’an County; “19th May – Tourism Day” online propaganda and promotional activities for tourism routes and products were conducted by Melisi Daur District, free tickets for Class 3A scenic spot of Melisi Lake were provided, and gratis entry into A scenic spots in Meilisi was permitted.

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