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CFHI Made Substantial Progress in the Market-oriented Reform


 On the 10th, CFHI (Heilongjiang) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and CFHI (Heilongjiang) Special Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., wholly-owned subsidiaries of China First Heavy Industries (CFHI) were established, marking the substantial progress in CFHI's market-oriented reform.
It is learned that CFHI (Heilongjiang) Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and CFHI (Heilongjiang) Special Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as the Heavy Equipment Division and the Military Division of CFHI, have a long history and profound cultural heritage and bear the historical tasks of developing and strengthening CFHI and revitalizing the national equipment industry.
The implementation of market-oriented restructuring of the divisions is a concrete measure reflecting CFHI's adherence to "Two Consistencies", practical exploration of continuous deepening of the market-oriented reform and further improvement of the corporate governance structure and major layout intended to continuously meet market changes and development needs, accelerate transformation and upgrading and realize high-quality development of the equipment manufacturing sector, of important practical significance for CFHI's focusing on its main responsibilities and main business, strengthening reform innovation, and independent innovation, and further enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise, which is also CFHI's important strategic arrangement to make itself stronger, better and bigger and important strategic measure for better adapting to the future development needs.
The two newly established companies will unswervingly continue to deepen the reform in future, accelerate the improvement of corporate governance structure, focus on promoting institutional system construction, continue to improve the corporate governance level and capabilities, ensure their orderly operation and management, carefully plan and actively explore new paths and new modes based on the national strategies and the market demand to realize the integrated and coordinated development of central enterprises and localities, industry serving the country and a country made powerful with technologies, achieve the integration of upstream and downstream and related industries, build a Qiqihar-Fulaerji high-end equipment industry cluster led by CFHI, boost Northeast China's overall and all-round revitalization, deepen the integrated development of local enterprises and coordinated development of central enterprises, and do CFHI's part in serving the regional economic and social development.

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