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Focusing on Projects to Tackle Difficulties and Seeking Efficient Development


 - Kedong County Project Construction Upsurging
Sound construction is conducted in the right season. With the increasing temperature, the upsurge of project construction has swept over the land of Kedong County.
Equipment roaring, vehicles going and coming at the construction site of the annual 300,000 ton feed processing project of Kedong Muyuan Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., workers are busy working, wearing masks, a busy labor scene seen at the construction site.
"This is the supporting project for pig breeding of Muyuan Group, involving a total investment amount of more than 97 million Yuan and a planned area of 40,000 square meters. The construction of this project commenced in April, with a construction duration of 2 years, and is scheduled to be put into production in March 2022," said Chen Changjun, manager of the contractor of Kedong Muyuan Feed Processing Project. The smooth construction commencement of the project is greatly due to the strong support of the CPC Kedong County Party Committee and Kedong County Government for the company. The county made various service preparations before the project construction commenced; the electric power department got electric power ready in advance, the water department helped to dig a 300-meter deep water well, and the transportation department paved the way for the full start of the project. The leaders of Kedong County also went deep into the on-site office many times to remove bottlenecks and plugging points for the enterprise such as insufficient raw material sources and shortage of construction workers and make every effort to guarantee the project construction.
Another project in full swing is Yuwang Soy Protein Project, Phase II. "Under thepremise of ensuring safety and quality, we are seizing the prime time node of the project, optimizing the construction plan, extending the construction operation time of parts of the works to make every effort to complete the project as scheduled. Currently, 70% of the civil works have been completed, all the works of the project are expected to be completed in early October and the project is expected to be put into production in late December," said Wang Huasong, Manager of Kedong Yuwang Soy Protein Food Co., Ltd. In order to provide high-quality service for the project, Kedong County has planned ahead to help the company to handle pre-commencement procedures such as planning and environmental assessment and held project construction coordination meetings and on-site office meetings a number of times to help solve the difficulties encountered by the company and ensure the smooth commencement of project construction.
At the construction site of the new energy charging pile project, workers are busy in charging pile foundation pouring, with the site in order. It is learned that before the construction commencement of the project, the construction unit had formulated a special plan for epidemic prevention and control, with workers strictly required to implement systems such as wearing masks, measuring body temperature, and disinfecting, the construction schedule reversed and carefully deployed to ensure smooth project progress.
The rapid advancement of projects one by one is the epitome of the hard work of Kedong County focusing on overcoming difficulties for projects and pursuing high-quality development.
In recent years, Kedong County has successively introduced a batch of projects like Feihe 40,000 ton intelligent infant milk powder processing, Muyuan million pig breeding, Yuwang soybean protein production, Longqinquan natural soda water development, and clean new energy-based annual 300,000 ton straw solid fuel processing, injecting a strong momentum into the high-quality development of the county-level economy.
This year, Kedong County will focus on 11 new projects and plans to complete an investment amount of 1.745 billion Yuan. While ensuring that the planned projects can be implemented as soon as possible, signed projects can receive investment as soon as possible and the projects under construction can be put into production and reach their required production capacity as soon as possible, Kedong County has done project planning and reserve work, with the county’s “14th Five-Year” development plan prepared based on this, a project reserve library established, the project construction work in the coming year planned ahead, with focus placed on research and reserve of a batch of projects that can help advance industrial development, infrastructure construction, and improvement of people's livelihood.

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