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Creating a "Qiqihar Sample" of Industrial Worker Rank Construction in the New Era


 - A Special Two-level Reform Team Established by Our City to Assist the Guide the Construction of the Industrial Worker Rank
Talents are the first and most valuable resource for a nation, politics and business. In the fierce wave of the overall and all-round revitalization of Longjiang land, the industrial worker rank construction of the crane city is guided by the general idea "Political Guarantee, System Implementation, Quality Improvement, and Right and Interest Maintenance", with the two industries, equipment manufacturing and food processing, as the focus, the whole city comprehensively gathering force, seeking truth and being pragmatic, striving to create a "Qiqihar Sample" of the industrial worker rank construction reform and sound the "Assembly" of high-quality industrial worker rank construction.
"In 2018, I was exceptionally promoted as the deputy director of the Hydraulic Press Forging Plant of the Casting and Forging Steel Division of the company. The shift from the position as a highly skilled talent to a management position is due to the company's emphasis on the construction of a highly skilled talent team of industrial workers," said CFHI chief skill master Liu Boming with emotion, "Skilled workers used to work in the workshop and although they completed many forgings involving great difficulty and monopoly breaking, they were given more bonus at most, with little spiritual encouragement, resulting in a sense of setback over time. Luckily, the enterprise has opened up "Five Category" talent channels through the system and mechanism reform, giving us the opportunity to take more important positions from the front line of production to realize our own life value, and demonstrate and expand the role of model leadership and motivation of the model worker spirit, thereby obtaining double harvest materially and spiritually."
A sound system attracts talents, who in turn contribute to the development of enterprises. CFHI took the lead in breaking the barriers of the worker cadre system by exceptionally promoting 3 outstanding industrial workers as deputy directors, and 33 people involved 10 types of work from skill posts to engineers and senior engineers. At the same time, CFHI has established a post training station to hand over outstanding talents to skill masters and master craftsmen for cultivation to make more skill talents stand out through the "Help and Lead". The model role of "Great Country Craftsmen" has been deeply rooted in the fertile ground for the old industrial base revitalization.
It is undeniable that the creation of the "Artisan Spirit" has always been the soul of industrial worker rank construction, and it is also the root of the tireless struggle of industrial workers. Over the years, our city has witnessed the emergence of a large number of state-level technical experts, Longjiang master craftsmen and crane city master craftsmen like Liu Boming from CFHI and Cui Lixin from Xiongying Group. The skill master studio of Wang Hai from CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. and provincial-level skill master CNC studio of Wang Zhanping from the Technician College of CFHI have inspired and driven more industrial workers to transform into skilled talents. In 2019, more than 15,000 rational suggestions were put forward in nearly 1 thousand "five small" innovation activities organized by our city's 44 equipment manufacturing enterprises above the designated size. So far, 26 master studios have been established in our city, including 4 state-level studios, 9 provincial-level studios, and 82 labor model studios, including 1 state-level studio and 23 provincial-level studios. Various city-level training bodies have trained a total 13,660 enterprise employees, with subsidies of 12.847 million Yuan allocated.
The stability and development of a country depend on talents that are fostered through education. A creation of a high-quality talent team is inseparable from the training at professional colleges. In 2019, with the advancement of the construction of the industrial workers rank by the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Qiqihar Municipal People's Government, the Organizing Department of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, Qiqihar Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and Qiqihar Human Resources and Social Security Bureau have contributed tremendously to the autumn recruitment of CFHI Technician College. They drove more than 10,000 kilometers tirelessly to seven districts and nine counties of our city to carry out docking supervision work, covering 500 villages and tuns and connected with nearly 120 schools in counties and towns. CFHI Technician College has realized annual full-time enrollment of 1926 students, and part-time enrollment of 4,166, ranking first in the province.
"We won the provincial special prize supplement fund of 27.23 million Yuan for the purchase of the college's teaching equipment and departmental infrastructure construction," said Liu Jinhuan, from CFHI Technician College. This fund has enabled the college to realize its teaching facilities' shift from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 and achieve numerical control multi-axis training capabilities and intelligent manufacturing training capabilities in machining and advanced the college's development towards a national excellent technician college. In the autumn enrollment in 2019, CFHI Technician College, Qiqihar Technician College, Beigang Technical School and No. 2 Factory Technical School witnessed an enrollment increase of 81% year-on-year, 97.7% up in the equipment manufacturing major.
At the time when the enrollment of professional colleges is in full swing, our city has also coordinated five equipment manufacturing enterprises, including CFHI and Jianlong Beigang to sign an enterprise-school cooperation agreement with Qiqihar Technician College and CFHI Technician College and caused CFHI, Jianlong Beigang and Yihai Kerry to implement an "employment-based enrollment, enterprise-based school, enterprise-school double-technician training-based" enterprise new apprenticeship with related vocational (technician) colleges and universities respectively. Qiqihar Technician College, CFHI Technician College and No. 2 Factory Technician College have conducted talent training program optimization of such majors as electromechanical integration technology, numerical control technology application, and forging & shaping. At the same time, 7 secondary vocational colleges in our city that offer equipment manufacturing majors have signed 17 higher-secondary vocational training agreements with the higher vocational colleges in Heilongjiang province, building an “overpass” for through development between secondary vocational colleges and higher vocational education.
Respect talents and there will be more talents; despise talents, and there will be fewer talents. Only by constantly improving and developing the talent governance system, offering fertile ground for talent growth and providing environment establish a platform, can a good environment for full talent use, proper talent use and talent coming out in succession be created. In recent years, our city has established a talent development and service center by relying on the Organizing Department of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, a municipal industrial development research institute by relying on Fulaerji Development Zone and Yanshan University and a municipal school-enterprise alliance by relying on Qiqihar Industry and Information Bureau's Enterprise Development Service Center, forming a multi-faceted, multi-angled and multi-form "Government-School-Enterprise" -based integrated talent training mode.
Besides this, a market law-guided talent recruitment has always been carried throughout our city's talent team building. In order to better introduce talents and retain talents, the Organizing Department of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Qiqihar Housing Construction Bureau have organized urban investment companies to plan to decorate and renovate 200 talent apartments, 51 of which have been completed, organized urban investment companies and each district to raise 309 houses and organized group purchase of 60 commercial houses. At the same time, Qiqihar Employment Bureau provides subsidies for enterprises to receive vocational technical school students for internship and employment; Qiqihar Medical Insurance Bureau supports and encourages enterprises to establish enterprise supplementary medical insurance on the basis of participating in employee basic medical insurance, which is managed by an enterprise itself and used as medical subsidies for the employees of the enterprise to reduce the medical treatment burden of industrial workers; Qiqihar Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has delegated the evaluation power of intermediate-level professional titles and below to large equipment manufacturing enterprises above the designated size that have evaluation conditions; Qiqihar Federation of Trade Unions, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and large enterprises held many single young workers’ associations, contributing to more than 60 couples.
While the power of the whole city is utilized to boost the construction of the talent team, glorious labor and great creation have become commonplace in the crane city. In order to continuously enhance the pride and sense of gain of industrial workers in the new era, our city has gradually increased the proportion of industrial workers in the "two representatives and one member", with party representatives accounting for 4.7% and people's congress representatives accounting for 9.5%. In 2019, the number of industrial workers among the CPPCC members increased from two to nine, and highly skilled talents from enterprises occupied 60.1% of the city’s 294 commended labor models. This year, industrial workers occupied 55.6% of the 9 national model workers. Our city has appraised and commended a total of 83 crane city artisans, craftsmen and technical experts, all of them are excellent frontline industrial workers and professional technicians.

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