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Uninterrupted Investment Attraction. Multiple Measures Taken to Promote Development


 - County and District Leaders Led Teams to Go Out to Attract Investment, Obtaining Fruitful Results
At the beginning of this year, affected by the epidemic, our city's outbound investment attraction and visits of investment companies stopped at the "Pause Button", resulting in project negotiations being stalled for a while. When the national epidemic prevention and control situation is improving, our city has taken immediate action, and city leaders and the main leaders of all counties and districts have gone out to attract investment by means of door-to-door investment and face-to-face investment. They have laid a solid foundation added momentum for high-quality development by racing against time, guarantee progress, strengthening weak points and filling in gaps.
On May 19, Liu Yandong, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Qiqihar People's Congress and Secretary of the CPC Baiquan Party Committee led the heads of relevant departments to go to Jiangsu to conduct investment attraction activities and the group conducted an in-depth negotiation with Xuzhou Jingyicheng Food Co., Ltd. concerning the meat duck whole industry chain project.
During negotiation, Xuzhou Jingyicheng Food Co., Ltd. learned that Baiquan County is an advanced county for the construction of national ecological agriculture and national grain production, characterized by resource enrichment, huge potentials, outstanding transportation location and ecological environment advantages, broad development prospects and investment potentials, a sound development platform, a good business environment, high-quality caring services, and generous support policies, suitable for the development of the meat duck industry. Both sides conducted in-depth discussions about the content of the contract, put forward a series of rational suggestions and reached preliminary intention for investment cooperation.
From May 8th to 9th, Jiang Tienan, Mayor of Longjiang County, led relevant persons in charge to Beijing Taifeng Meat Pigeon Breeding Co., Ltd. Beijing Yuanjing Group Headquarters, and Zhonghe Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd. of China Supply and Marketing Cooperative for negotiations about projects related to pigeon breeding, new energy industry development, cold chain fresh-keeping transportation, etc.
During the conversation with those enterprises, everyone expressed promising prospects concerning meat pigeon breeding projects, and both sides reached a cooperation intention and selected 4 villages as pilots to promote implementation from point to area; in the headquarters of Beijing Yuanjing Group, both sides conducted in-depth negotiations concerning the progress of Yuanjing Longjiang smart fan plant construction, how to scientifically plan the long-term development of the wind farm and maximize the use of superior policy dividends; in the Zhonghe Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd. of China Supply and Marketing Cooperative, both sides signed a "Modern Logistics Park Project" and conducted in-depth exchanges about logistics parks, node cold storage and satellite cold storage, cold chain transportation, and fresh products going to the countryside to better advance rapid project development.
From May 18th to 19th, Mayor Han Dayong of Keshan County led the principals of Keshan Economic Cooperation Bureau and the Park Office to Jinan, Dalian, etc. to conduct precise investment attraction work.
In Jinan Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, the investment promotion group introduced the location advantages, policy advantages, and industrial advantages of Keshan County in detail, and both sides reached a preliminary cooperation intent concerning light industrial parks, deep processing of agricultural products, and new energy construction projects. In Dalian Jingliang Huayuan High-tech Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., the investment promotion group visited Yingkou Small Variety Protein Processing Plant, showed Keshan County's obvious advantages in the cultivation of agricultural products like soybean, corn and potatoes and stated complementary advantages with the company's mature deep processing technology of agricultural products like soybean and vast domestic and international sales markets as well as great space for cooperation. Both sides reached a cooperation intent concerning organic cultivation bases, soybean deep processing and plant protein extraction, etc. Dalian Jingliang Huayuan High-tech Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. will go to Keshan County very soon to talk about the 10,000 ton soybean tissue protein and 10,000 ton small variety protein production and processing projects to ensure the construction commencement of the two projects in 2020.
In mid-May, Zhang Hongyi, Head of Tiefeng District, spent 8 days in visiting Changsha, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Jinan, Jiangsu and other places to conduct targeted investment attraction work based on the existing industrial resources of Tiefeng District.
Negotiations with Ruixin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Hunan Dingchi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. concerning mechanical processing and painting, domestic waste disposal, and environmental protection facility operation projects were conducted in Changsha, Hunan; negotiations with Beijing Three Brothers Truck Rescue and Maintenance Platform concerning an "Internet + Maintenance Force Integration" project, with Beijing Zhanwang Century Aviation Group about an aviation economic zone construction project were conducted; negotiations with Xintian Green Energy concerning renewable energy and clean energy projects were conducted in Shijiazhuang, Hebei.
In the meanwhile, during the negotiations with Guoao North Investment Development Co., Ltd. and Guokai Finance Co., Ltd. concerning a citizen farm project in Beijing, a preliminary cooperation intent was reached. In late May, in the strategic cooperation agreement for a new energy equipment manufacturing project signed between Tiefeng District Government and CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., CRRC Shandong Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electric Matechstone Co., Ltd., Phase I involves an investment amount of 1 billion Yuan for technical transformation and upgrading of the existing plant of CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. and joint construction of a wind power equipment manufacturing base by utilizing the wind power technology R&D platforms of CRRC Shandong Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electric, which is expected to put into production in July and bring in annual sales income of 1.5 billion Yuan and profits and taxes of 210 million Yuan after its desired capacity is reached.

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