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"Enriching Flowers" in Full Bloom in Daxiang



In June, people are greeted by beautiful scenery in Daxiang. Currently, hundreds of mus of peony flowers are blooming in the Chinese medical herb planting base in Aobao Village, Gonghe Town, Meilisi Daur District, attracting tourists for sightseeing.
It is learned that in order to guide local farmers to adjust the planting structure to increase their income and get rich, Gonghe Town has actively introduced Shanghong Beiyao Group, established a Chinese herbal medicine planting cooperative, firmly implemented the practice based on "the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries" determined by the CPC Meilisi Daur District Committee and actively explored and advanced the "Party Branch+Cooperative+Farmer"-based development mode. Now, the town has seen more than 10 planting varieties of Chinese medical herbs like Astragalus, Radix Saposhnikoviae Divaricatae, Red Peony Root and Scutellaria, with the Chinese herbal medicine planting area reaching more than 10,000 mu this year, 165 households joining the cooperative, with the average household income increase of more than 3000 Yuan expected. The cultivation of characteristic Chinese medical herbs has become a new engine for local villagers to increase their income. Flower-type medicinal materials like peony flowers have become the "Enriching Flowers" of Daxiang. The picture shows tourists wearing ethnic costumes taking photos in the blooming peony flower bushes on the 16th.

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