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Sun Shen Emphasized Vigorous Development of Service Industries Involving Agriculture and Stimulation of Innovation Vitality during Survey of Qiqihar's Agricultural System Testing and Inspection and Technology Promotion Units


 On the morning of the 15th, Sun Shen, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang People's Congress and Secretary of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, paid a visit to Qiqihar Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Inspection and Supervision Center and Qiqihar Agricultural Technology Extension Center for field survey.
At Qiqihar Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Inspection and Supervision Center, Sun Shen looked as he walked, carefully listening to the situation report, and conducted in-depth exchanges concerning specific issues with the person in charge of the center from time to time. When he learned that the center was an agricultural product quality inspection agency with dual certification qualifications, i.e. CMA and CATL, he hoped that the center could strengthen capacity building and strive to become a national agricultural product inspection agency as soon as possible. In front of a flow chart of agricultural product testing, Sun Shen listened carefully to the introduction and conduct field testing progress inquiry through a QR code. After that, Sun Shen went to the sample collection room, sample room, residue detection room and control room of the center to learn about the testing process and check the test report on the sport, communicating with the staff cordially and encouraging them to work hard and contribute to the modern development of the agriculture in our city.
After affirming the management and team building of the center, Sun Shen emphasized that Qiqihar, as a national grain-producing city, should not only contribute to ensuring national food safety, but also strive to increase farmers' income. Our city is building an efficient ecological agriculture demonstration zone in the Nenjiang River Basin and Qiqihar Agricultural Product Quality Safety Inspection and Supervision Center will play an important supporting and guaranteeing role. Relevant departments should conduct in-depth research to solve the constraints of the system and mechanism, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, provide competent staff based on the needs of career development, increase the inspection of high-quality agricultural products, serve market demand in various ways, promote food yield increase, increase agricultural efficiency, increase farmers' income, and build eco-efficient high-quality agricultural product brands. The center should establish a city-wide one chess game development thinking, emancipate the mind, and dare to innovate, not only to complete the work tasks of the agricultural sector, but also develop the agricultural product testing needs of farming cooperatives, key farmers and e-commerce based on the market demand, formulate local high-quality agricultural product judgment criteria and create "Crane City Brands" to provide data support for the city's agricultural products to enter the mid-to-high-end market and a strong boost for the development of ecologically efficient agriculture in the Nenjiang River Basin.
Qiqihar Agricultural Technology Extension Center is mainly responsible for the testing, demonstration and promotion of new technologies, new achievements and new varieties of agricultural production. Sun Shen learned about our city's agricultural technology extension system construction, cultivated land distribution, the spatial distribution of soil, and planting of main crops by watching videos, listening to reports and paying field visits here and he also watched the genetic modification inspection process.
Afterwards, Sun Shen had a discussion with the comrades in charge of Qiqihar Agricultural Technology Extension Center, agricultural technology experts and professors of Qiqihar University. On behalf of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Qiqihar Municipal People's Government, he expressed gratitude to Qiqihar Agricultural Technology Extension Center for its special contribution to the development of modern agriculture in our city. Sun Shen emphasized during the discussion that Qiqihar City had a unique natural ecological environment and that how to build a high-efficiency ecological agriculture demonstration area in the Nenjiang River Basin, how to achieve a win-win situation in protection and development, and produce better economic benefits required constant exploration and constant difficulty removal. It is necessary to implement the decisions and deployments of the central government, the CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee and the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, strengthen the whole city's agricultural technology extension system construction, continuously improve innovation capabilities, combine good scientific and technological achievements and the local reality and promote it in a timely manner. It is necessary to summarize the good experience and good practices formed in the technical promotion of agricultural and rural systems in our city in a timely manner and solidify and apply them. It is necessary to build an agricultural technology team that can complete the strategic tasks of tackling difficult problems in modern agriculture, conduct active exploration in terms of agricultural technology innovation, extension, etc., establish an effective mode, precisely choose the projects urgently needed for the development of modern agriculture, solve the urgent needs of the great majority of farmers and provide individualized and targeted agricultural technology guidance.
Sun Shen emphasized an open attitude towards the construction of agricultural technology extension teams, strengthened communication and cooperation with scientific research institutes, maintenance of characteristics and advantages, adherence to professional ethics, and continuous improvement of the ability to conduct discipline construction and serve the main battlefield. Based on the changes in the agricultural production system, it is necessary to continuously improve technical support and service capabilities and build an effective and dynamic agricultural technology extension system that can meet the needs of Qiqihar's modern agricultural development in the new era and is required to create an efficient ecological agricultural demonstration area. The person in charge of Qiqihar Agricultural Technology Extension Center should have overall awareness, shouldn't obey stereotypes, and should dispel worries, take the initiative, form a resultant force, closely follow the pact of modern agriculture construction vanguards, break system and mechanism barriers and stimulate innovation vitality and relevant departments should actively cooperate, give proactive support, do good guarantee work and jointly explore to form a dynamic and effective mechanism. It's necessary to emancipate the mind, deepen reforms, strengthen talent echelon construction, seize the development opportunities of agricultural service enterprises, vigorously develop agriculture-related service industries, support the development of local enterprises, introduce foreign companies to settle in Qiqihar, stimulate vitality, increase taxes, and provide job opportunities with markets and develop economy with the local market demand.
The city leader Wang Yongshi, and relevant persons in charge of the Office of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, the Political Research Office of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, the Organization Establishment Committee Office of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, Qiqihar Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Qiqihar Science and Technology Bureau, etc. participated in the survey activity.

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