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The Progress of Gannan County Muyuan Agropastoral Co., Ltd.’s Changshan Village No. 2 Farm Project Is Over A Half


 To overcome adverse effect brought by Corona Virus Disease, Gannan County Muyuan Agropastoral Co., Ltd. has solved the problem of preventing the staff from arriving at the working place and preventing the site from being constructed, seized the timeline, quickened construction progress and tried to work against construction period delayed during Corona Virus Disease in such ways as establishment of project leading group, formulation of special construction scheme for quality and holding quality improvement meeting. Currently, there are big machines such as tower cranes, forklifts and concrete tank trucks working in the construction site of the project. And workers are also working quickly in different areas and working types. The progress of the project is over a half.
Gannan County Muyuan Agropastoral Co., Ltd.’s Changshan Village No. 2 Farm Project is one of provincial 100 projects. Li Yaping, Construction Project Manager introduced that from the project was started, they have concentrated on the prevention and control of Corona Virus Disease on one hand and project construction on the other hand. On the premise of making sure of safe construction, they have tried their best to work against time and progress, construction staff have been increased to 400 persons from the former 200 persons and working hours have been increased to 24 hours successively from the former 12 hours; construction machines have been increased to 16 sets of tower cranes from the former 12 sets of tower cranes, which has improved work efficiency effectively and ensured successful completion of construction period. It’s estimated to be put into production successfully at the end of August.
Live pig breeding project on Gannan County Muyuan Agropastoral Co., Ltd. ’s Changshan Village No. 2 Farm occupies an area of 313,000 m2 and costs total investment of RMB 0.17 Billion Yuan. Primary construction includes pregnancy house for female pigs, lactation house, nursery house, fatting house and so on. Since the project was started for construction, Gannan County has established special service shift to work in construction site, helped the enterprise to solve difficulties in project construction in time and accelerated project construction to ensure the project to be completed soon and put into production.
To advance the project’s overall progress successfully, Mr. Tang Zhiyuan, Project Manager of Changshan Village No. 2 Farm’s Construction Project said that, “the county leaders had asked us for the demands by video call with us and helped us to solve the site’s water supply, power supply, road access and land levelling at the beginning. In the later construction, the county leaders have also arrived at the site from time to time to care for site construction progress, solved many difficulties and ensured the project to be advanced successfully. Now, we are very confident to achieve the final production and delivery target successfully. After it’s put into production, 100,000 commercial pigs can be marketed annually, over 50 employment positions can be provided for the local and employment problem for over 200 persons can be solved.”
Up to June 20, the work for main masonry wall, wall under the panel, pillar under the panel and precast beam hoisting for Gannan County Muyuan Agropastoral Co., Ltd. ’s Changshan Village No. 2 Farm Project has been completed, and construction progress accounts for 50% of total work quantity.

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