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CRRC Qiqihar reached new high in monthly production of new freight cars


 In recent days, another good news was published by CRRC Qiqihar that its production of new freight cars in June reached a historic high record of 1972 units. This is another delightful achievement achieved by CRRC Qiqihar during normalized epidemic control and prevention and joint regulation of production and living.
To meet supply demands by China Railway and other Chinese or foreign customers, CRRC Qiqihar initiated production of 13 varieties and 8736 units of railroad freight cars. In the face of arduous challenges of seasonal high temperature and heavy production tasks, Company had conducted elaborate organization and effective responses, specially carried out 4-month activities for storming fortifications of production featured as “fighting high temperature, capturing a high production and creating a high efficiency” since June. While continually doing a good job of normalized epidemic control and prevention, company is identifying priorities, difficulties and key links of production and operation from all aspects, strengthening logistic guarantees, monitoring the process of “fighting high temperature”, optimizing organization of production, systematically coordinating “capturing a high production”, breaking bottlenecks, and improving all staff members to “creating a high efficiency”.
During producing, all departments and production units of Company are efficiently coordinating, quick responding, and successively ascertaining information of materials arrival, allocation of human resources, bottleneck links of production, as well as operating states of equipment. Production schemes oriented at C70E and NX70 cars for China Railway, and concurrent production of exported cars, special cars, trial production of new products and 8 critical accessories were prepared. No effort is spared to conduct measures like storage in advance, addition of shifts, purchase of more new equipment, etc. for bolsters, side frames, yokes, springs, axles, coupler knuckles and other bottleneck products so as to ensure production requirements. In addition, lean management is running through them, timing regulation, logistic distribution and field management are integrated in order to enhance the level of fine management and work efficiency, eliminate production wastage, reduce inventory and occupancy, and ensure ordered and smooth production.

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