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Qiqihar City Saw the Best Level of Key Project Construction in the First Half of the Year in Recent Years


 The advancement of key work and key projects is an important measure to stabilize economic growth and ensure the improvement of people’s livelihood. At present, the contribution and significance of sparing no effort to advance the construction of key projects to the steady economic growth of our city is particularly prominent. The data shows that in the first half of the year, the number of projects in our city increased significantly, with the number of the projects under construction increasing by 40.9% year-on-year, the number of newly commenced projects increasing by 38.8%, reaching the best level of the construction of key projects in recent years.
At the construction site of the Yihai Kerry (Fuyu) Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, more than 2,000 workers are busy working at different posts, sweat pouring down from their faces, machines roaring all the time, planting buildings with a brick-concrete structure and different heights under intense internal construction. At the entire project site, busy working scenes of large machinery such as cranes and cement tankers can be seen everywhere. Yao Li, Manager of the Engineering Department of Yihai Kerry Project told the reporter, "Since the construction commencement of the project, we have implemented a daily reporting and scheduling system. Affected by the epidemic, the construction progress was once slowed down, but since the normalized control and management and full resumption of production, we have immediately redeployed the backward nodes, strengthened personnel scheduling and machinery mobilization operations. Currently, there are more than 100 large pieces of machinery and equipment working at the site alone, with a construction method of machinery working without stop and workers working with breaks adopted to catch up as soon as possible so as to complete project construction as scheduled."
Since the first pile foundation of Yihai Kerry (Fuyu) Modern Agricultural Industrial Park Project was laid on April 10, 2019, the developer has adopted a precise scheduling and overtime construction mode, completing 50% of the overall project works in just 8 months, nearly one month ahead of the original construction duration. By August of this year, the commissioning of the project’s combined heat and power and sewage treatment plant can begin, and it is expected that by the end of October, the corn deep-processing part will be ready for trial production. After the first phase of the project is put into production, it can realize annual output value of 8 billion Yuan and taxes of 500 million Yuan and provide 10,000 job opportunities.
The Yihai Kerry Project is a true portrayal of our city’s efforts to overcome unfavorable factors like the impact of the epidemic and a weak market, and to vigorously promote the construction of key projects. Since the beginning of this year, our city has continuously improved the work promotion mechanism, implemented a double guarantee mechanism for key enterprises, held analysis meetings, dispatch meetings, and promotion meetings, implemented relevant policies, coordinated and solved the production, operation, and market guarantee issues of enterprises, and provided services at any time, without making trouble, placing blockage or exercising rights improperly to allow enterprise to concentrate on seeking development; our city has implement a special leading group mechanism to advance industrial projects. For contracted projects, construction conditions permitting, the municipal functional departments are responsible for organizing and supervising the handling of access and approval items within the system, unblocking project approval channels and reducing approval links to improve approval efficiency. A "Commitment-based Construction Commencement" mechanism has been implemented to accelerate the construction commencement of projects. According to Guo Rui, director of the Industry Office of Qiqihar Economic Cooperation Bureau, in spite of the effect of the epidemic on project construction of our city, thanks to the joint efforts and promotion of the whole city, the construction of key projects has generally progressed well. In the first half of the year, investment of 7.57 billion Yuan for 100 continued construction projects and 93 new projects was completed, realizing a year-on-year increase of nearly 37%.
At present, large -scale, high-end and high-quality projects with strong driving ability are fully implemented in our city one after another, with project construction highlights frequently appearing. In Nehe, Heilongjiang Huarui Biomedicine Project, covering an area of 4839 mu, is under intense construction. After construction, it can produce 381,150 tons of finished products and intermediates such as calcium pantothenate and D-pantolactone, and trial production is expected at the end of this year. It will be gradually put into operation in 2021. In Longjiang, Feihe Dairy (Longjiang) Infant Milk Processing Project, involving a total investment of 550 million Yuan has completed an investment of 310 million Yuan. After it has reached its desired production capacity, it will become the largest monomer infant formula milk powder production line in China; In Longsha District, the Crane City Park Project, involving a total investment of 212 million Yuan has been completed and opened to public, becoming the largest integrated leisure and entertainment park project in our province. Behind good projects is the strong support of effective investment. Lin Weidong, Deputy Director of Qiqihar Economic Cooperation Bureau, told the reporter, "In the first half of the year, the city’s fixed asset investment showed a good momentum of picking up month by month, mainly due to the increased support for investment in key areas and continued investment in infrastructure and key industry projects. The city’s key industrial project completion rate reached 31.3%. 87 new projects involved in scheduled construction commencement were fully commenced, 29.9% higher than the same period last year."
Our city has not only made continuous efforts in high-quality industrial projects, but also actively advanced the accelerated construction of 51 emerging industrial and industrial supporting projects. From January to June, an investment of 2.79 billion Yuan was completed, reaching 41.3% of the annual plan, with these projects covering the fields of deep food processing, high-end animal husbandry, energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, which will inject new vitality into Qiqihar's innovative development and form new growth points.

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