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Our city Strives to Promote the High-quality Development of the Tourism Industry


 Walking into Zhalong, where reeds sway and cranes fly, you can appreciate the harmony between human beings and nature; coming to the Mingyue Island, which is surrounded by waves and lush trees, you can feel the beautiful experience of getting close to nature; going into the Crane City Park, where modern and fashionable large-scale amusement facilities and northern gardens complement each other, you can feel the happy life of the people of the crane city; entering the ice hockey hall in the midsummer, the amalgamation of ice and fire allows you to feel the charm of the "Ice Hockey City"
In recent years, the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Qiqihar Municipal People's Government have been attaching great importance to the development of the tourism industry and advancing the high-quality tourism industry of the whole city through high-level advancement, planning and creation by grasping the golden opportunity of China's vigorous development of whole-regional tourism by means of whole-regional layout, systematic creation and dialectical thinking:
The number of tourists in the city increased from 5 million person times in 2016 to 10.61 million person times in 2019; the tourism revenues increased from 9.3 billion Yuan in 2016 to 18 billion Yuan in 2019;
China's first "Research and Study Tour Destination" City, "China's Top Ten Industrial Tourism Cities";
Nianzishan District was granted the title "China Sports Tourism Boutique Destination";
Chahannuo Village in Tiefeng District, Solun Ewenki Village in Nehe City and Xingshisi Village in Gannan County were rated as national key rural tourism villages.
Such shining honors have made the charming Qiqihar a more glorious and brilliant city.
Formation of a whole-regional tourism development pattern
Relying on industry, agriculture, ecology, ice and snow sports and historical and cultural resources, our city has determined a "123+" development pattern through overall planning.
"1" means 1 belt, which is a large industrial military tourism belt with Tiefeng District, Longsha District, Fulaerji District and Nianzishan District as its core.
"2" refers to 2 zones, i.e. the Great Dazhalong International Tourism Resort, with the northern 3 districts as its core and the Great Agricultural Sightseeing Experience Zone, with the other 13 counties (cities) as the core.
"3" means 3 lines, i.e. "The Most Beautiful Passage to Inner Mongolia", with Nianzishan, Gannan County and Tailai County as ports, "The Most Beautiful Station of Hahei Highway", with Baiquan County, Keshan County and Kedong County as joint points and the "Tourism Passage for Exploring Xing'an", with Nenjiang-Tailai Highway as the mainline.
"+" refers to the three-dimensional travel routes of aviation, high-speed rail, and self-driving in and out of our city, covering Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Heihe, Daxing'anling, Daqing and Harbin, involving the population in three provinces and six prefecture (county)- cities + tourists from all over the country, creating a tourist distribution center in the west of Northeast China.
Developing "tourism+" and establishing an industrial system
Our city has given full play to the adhesive characteristics of tourism, promoted the deep integration with the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and amplified the tourism effect.
Our city has established a "tourism +" industrial system, with focus placed on 9 industrial chains involving culture, industry and military industry, agriculture, ecological health care, research & study, barbecue, ice hockey, commercial purchase, and exhibition, striving to become Heilongjiang's first city to take the lead in developing the tourism industry based on systematic thinking by means of extending, supplementing and strengthening the chains to promote the coordinated development of other key industries in the city and constructing a large tourism industry pattern with comprehensive functions.
Relying on the city’s rich cultural resources, taking tourism as the body and culture as the soul, our city has created four cultural and tourism fusion products, i.e. fusion of the ecological tourism brand (the world’s largest wetland, China’s crane hometown) and the ecological tour routes and the song and dance drama "Crane Guard", fusion of the industrial tourism brand (China's top ten industrial tourism cities) and the industrial tourism routes and the drama "Heavy Weapons", the fusion of the Longjiang former capital tour brand and the former tour routes and the musical and painting dramas "Daur People" and "Wind over Bukui" and the fusion of the research and study tour brand (China's first research and tour city) and the research and study tour routes and the children's circus "Crazy Animal City".
Gradual formation of a tens of billions -level tourism industry
Economic development is inseparable from industrial construction. Since 2016, our city has implemented 120 projects either built or under construction, involving a total investment amount of 14 billion Yuan, forming a tens of billions -level tourism industry.
In 2020, our city has advanced 35 key tourism industry projects through overall planning, involving a total investment of 8.65 billion Yuan, including15 projects involving an investment amount of over 100 million Yuan each.
Among these projects, two projects involving a total investment amount of over 1 billion Yuan each, i.e. the Cultural Metropolis and Qifeng Platform, have started construction; the construction of the main body of the ice hockey hall of Aoyue Ice and Snow Sports Park, involving an investment amount of 900 million Yuan, has been completed; the Crane City Theme Park, involving an investment amount of 500 million Yuan, has been put into operation; the overall upgrade and renovation project of Nehe Yuting National Urban Wetland Park, involving a total investment amount of 500 million Yuan, is currently undergoing environmental assessment, energy conservation, , with an EPC tendering announcement made.
Zhalong Scenic Area and Longsha Zoological and Botanical Garden in our city have obtained two seats in the selection of the "Top Ten Most Popular Scenic Areas" in Heilongjiang Province".
Publicizing Three Major Publicity Brands of the Crane City
Our city has constantly publicized such city cards as "Crane Loving City", "Making Friends with Little Cranes", "Pillars of Great Powers", "Cool Military Industry" and "Amalgamation of Ice and Fire, in Love with a City"
Our city has made full use of various publicity channels to increase publicity and promotion efforts, and through national, provincial and municipal-level media platforms such as the China National Radio, the official website of China-Recommendation, Heilongjiang Daily,,, and NetEase, our city has conducted offline and online promotion and marketing. In the first half of 2020, the articles in the Wechat public platform of our city's cultural tourism system were read 3.9 million times, and Tik Tok hits reached 1.989 billion.
Star effects were particularly highlighted, with Jia Bing, Meng Fei, Shen Teng, etc. speaking for Qiqihar in TV programs. A few days ago, Shen Teng and his Happy Twist Team were invited back to Qiqihar. Shen Teng has been granted the title "Qiqihar's Cultural Tourism Public Welfare Communication Ambassador" and a promotional video "To Safeguard Red-Crowned Cranes, Let's Make Joint Efforts"-Qiqihar "Crane Loving City" was shot. Qiqihar Culture, Radio &Television and Tourism Bureau and the Happy Twist Team have also reached an agreement on shooting a movie in which Shen Teng will star in Qiqihar.

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