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Build a “big refrigerator” for cities in the western region of Heilongjiang


 ----- On-the-spot report of construction of cold chain logistics in Qiqihar
There isn’t any pre-cooling cold store for the place of origin in the cultivation base. Build one! The scale of processing cold stores is insufficient. Extend it! The function of gathering, distributing and sorting of cold stores for regional market circulation is incomplete. Adjust it! In recent years, Qiqihar has completed the conversion from grasping construction of cold-chain logistics to “supplement deficits of cold stores in the place of origin, expand the scale of production” in terms of development and construction of cold-chain logistics, rapidly developed cold stores featured as “one product per village” in the place of origin, industrial cold-chain logistics parks and cold-chain distribution centers for market distribution. Currently, the total storage capacity of cold stores in Qiqihar is 650,000t. By the end of this year, the total storage capacity will exceed 1.1 million ton. It is expected that, by 2025, the total storage capacity of cold stores in Qiqihar will reach 3.8 million tons, double that of 2020, and the largest cold-chain logistics base in Heilongjiang will be completed.
Supplement deficits: construction of precooling cold sores in the place of origin achieved satisfactory results
In Hanbodai Village, Duda Town, Fula'erji District, a CA (controlled atmosphere) warehouse project with a capacity of 1KT is constructing like a raging fire. From its commencement in April, 2020 to now, 90% of its progress is completed. It is expected to be put into operation in mid-September in this year for usage. The total investment of this project is 4.01 million yuan, of which, 1.5 million yuan is a subsidy granted as per policies for minority group development fund. After this project went into operation, adjustment of cultivation structure and broad benefits like increment of collective incomes and enrich villagers will be realized through fresh preservation and off-season sales of fruit and vegetable products.
Construction of cold stores in the place of origin is relevant to “the initial 1km” for development of fresh food industry is the origin and a basic link of industrial development, and is also a basic and fundamental measure for development of “one product per village”. In this year, in the light of structural imbalance of small, medium &large cold-chain infrastructures in Qiqihar, insufficient layout of cold rural chain, high loss, bad economic results and low quality of agricultural and livestock products, as well as the bottleneck of development with increasingly outstanding contradiction between demand and supply of precooling in the place of origin, the municipal commercial departments have coordinated and propelled construction of cold stores in the place of origin of agricultural products in accordance with the construction standard of “one village, one product, one warehouse and one vehicle” and in comprehensive consideration of geographic positions, industrial layout, market demand, basic conditions and other factors. Meanwhile, assistance is afforded to professional cooperatives of “villages with a product ”, leading manufacturing enterprises, third-party cold-chain logistics and other enterprises to make full use of preferential policies for finance and insurance, to independently purchase professional transport vehicles for cold-chain logistics to open cold-chain routes and construct a county-town-village cold-chain logistics system on the basis of small cold store nodes in villages with a product, thus ensure the through cold-chain transit and storage of agricultural products. In the begging of September, the first batch of 91 pilot cold stores with an area of below 100m2 and 100 cold-chain vehicles with a capacity of below 5t are building in the whole city. A storage capacity of 20KT will be added.
Expand the scale: Elaborately establish productive cold stores
The No.1 Workshop of our company started a trial production on 28th, June. One executive from Qiqihar Cold region Vegetables Processing Co., Ltd. Introduced, his company is located in the Meilisi Industrial Park, Qiqihar National-level Hi-tech Zone. After a two-year construction, a cold store with an area of 9600m2 and a capacity of 57,000m3 is completed. 2 production lines are installed. Since construction of the enterprise, related governmental departments had provided not only policies for land support, but also granted a loan support of 10 million yuan to stabilizing enterprise and posts, in addition, afforded supports of technologies and talents.
In recent years, Qiqihar has elaborately established a batch of cold-chain logistics parks oriented toward productive cold stores in accordance with the overall situations of layout of animal husbandry and food industry. Up to now, cold stores with a total storage capacity of 190kt are under construction in Meilisi Daur District. They include a 100KT cold-chain project for quick-frozen cold-region vegetables with an investment of CNY 260million yuan, Yuanyi Vegetables 50kt cold-chain project with an investment of CNY 300million yuan, Baihui Vegetables 40kt cold-chain project with an investment of CNY 200million yuan are about to go to operation; Yuewang 30kt project with an investment of CNY 50 million yuan, Jinluo Group 150kt cold-chain project with an investment of CNY 180 million yuan, East Hope 100kt cold-chain project with an investment of CNY 120 million yuan,etc. are signed. Plus the 150kt Northeast Asia cold-chain logistics park with an investment of CNY 500 million yuan in planning, they will form a storage capacity of 600kt and become the largest cold-chain logistics park in Heilongjiang after all of above projects are completed. In addition, the project of Zhonghe Nongtou Longjiang Modern logistics park with an investment of CNY 700 million yuan and a floor space of 150,000m2 began to construct. It will add a storage capacity of 100kt; the project of Longjiang Jinbao Market with an investment of CNY 280 million yuan and a floor space of 25,000m2 started to construct, it will add a storage capacity of 20kt; the cold-chain project for Keshan Baizheng Logistics Park with an investment of 120 million yuan and a floor space of 25,000m2 started to construct, it will add a storage capacity of 20kt. Business attraction is stepping up for both the project of East Qiqihar Cold-chain logistics project with an investment of CNY 780 million yuan and a floor space of 180,000m2 proposed by Keshan County , and the building project of Nehe Cold-chain Logistics park with an investment of CNY 500 million yuan and a floor space of 25,000m2 proposed by Nehe City. Rapid promotion of above projects represents that the construction of productive cold stores in counties (districts) in Qiqihar begins to take shape.
Adjust the structure: Supplement the deficit of cold stores for market circulation
In the afternoon of 31st, August, workers are unloading from a cold storage truck in front of a cold store door of Huawei Group. Huawei Group has 3 cold stores at present, of which, two stores went into operation, one store is under construction. It is revealed by an executive of Huawei Group that, the total capacity of three cold stores is 200kt, their daily throughput can be over 2kt. It is the largest frozen storage cold-chain logistics center in the west of Heilongjiang.
Currently, cold stores of market circulation in Qiqihar are in a surplus state. Although the total storage capacity can meet the demand of industrial development at present, but most of cold stores were built in 1990s from the perspective of structure. Their equipment are old and required to be updated, there are also shortages of modern facilities in cold-chain distribution centers. In the light of existing problems, it is required to be gradually improved, enrich functions and supplement deficits. In accordance with bottleneck issues like poor infrastructure and lack of cold-chain distribution center met by cold store logistics for market distribution, municipal commercial departments concentrated their energy to establish both cold-chain clusters for market distribution in Longsha District and Jianhua District, grasp construction of cold-chain logistics infrastructure in one hand and market driving in another hand, establish a cold-chain logistics service system that is oriented toward cold stores for market circulation. In terms of specific operation, strongly support Dili Group to expand its capacity of cold stores, construct a cold-chain distributions center, in order to gradually complete a development pattern of modern cold-chain logistics park; lead Xingguang market to integrate cold-chain resources, engage with Parkson Central Kitchen and other TOP 500 Chinese catering enterprises to further enrich business modes, improve overall competitiveness, strive for the largest circulating cold-chain logistics park in the west. Meanwhile, support Huawei Group to add flow through development of agricultural product markets so as to solve its bottleneck problem of cold-chain logistics, and work hard to balance downstream and upstream development, and enhance the availability of cold stores.
Construction of cold-chain logistics can not only enrich dining tables of townsmen, but also help rural areas to promote their agricultural products. However, for the purpose of selling our agricultural and sideline products nationwide or worldwide, market entities are required to continually create their modes from the reality of cold-chain logistic development, to improve their service level of cold-chain logistics, and finally, realize the long-range objective for real development of cold-chain logistics.

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