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Heilongjiang's First Alibaba Local Life City Cooperation Project Landed in the Crane City


 The e-commerce industry is accelerating its in-depth integration with new retail, new technologies, and new resources, and has become a powerful engine and important driving force for economic and social development. It is learned from the 2020 Crane City 5G E-commerce Live Broadcast Conference that Alibaba's local life company has settled in the Crane City. This project is the first cooperation project of Alibaba's local life city in our province.
The ongoing consumption upgrades and Internet upgrades have brought about changes in the consumption environment of the catering and retail industries. Under this change, Alibaba's local life company was born. In the process of exploring new catering and new retail, the traditional catering and retail industries going through digital upgrades will bring increments to the market and convenience to consumers. Our city is an inclusive, open, and vibrant city, and its measures for continuously increasing its support for the development of the digital economy and constantly optimizing the business environment have attracted the settlement of technology companies such as Alibaba. The cooperation between both parties will make positive contributions to our city's accelerating the advancement of the development of the digital economy, the adjustment of the industrial structure and the upgrading of the life service industry.
It is understood that both parties will give full play to the advantages of "Internet +" and realize the digitally upgrading of the traditional retail enterprises, including catering enterprises, shops, supermarkets, convenience stores, and retail pharmacies by means of digital upgrading and transformation of different business formats closely bounded with the life of Qiqihar citizens, including "eating, drinking, playing, having fun, travelling, entertainment, and shopping". Both parties will make joint efforts to tap the new potential of our city's consumption, enhance new driving forces for economic development, cultivate a number of regional new retail demonstration enterprises, and build Qiqihar into a new benchmark and new model for the digital transformation of the local life service industry in Heilongjiang and even the whole country.

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