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Let Data "Show" the "Speed" and "Temperature" of Reform


 ——Documentary of Our City's Deeply Advancing the "Digital Government Affairs" Reform
In recent years, our city has always regarded the digital government affair reform as the core driving force to deepen the rectification of the work style of government agencies and optimize the business environment. Since going through several stages of building a government affairs cloud platform and deeply applying a government affairs big data platform and an integrated online government affairs service platform, our city has gradually advanced the government affair reform to the "digital government affairs" reform stage, with data as the core.
Up to now, the municipal government affairs big data platform has integrated 108 system websites of municipal-level departments and more than 230 million pieces of data have been included in the database; a total of more than 9.7 million data sharing calls have been realized.
"Data running errands for the masses" has become Qiqihar's most distinctive and effective government reform label.
Difficulties in data sharing were solved, reducing the number of submissions by 150,000 piece-times.
"Is it done? I heard from a friend before that we needed to prepare a lot of materials such as household registration cancellation certificate, marriage record, and real estate file. Are they not used now? I always thought you were the first stop for the procedures." Liu Yan, an elderly lady, asked the staff of Qiqihar Notary Office with surprise after completing the inheritance notarization procedures. The staff member said, “Our notary office is now connected to public security, civil affairs and other departments, and relevant information can be checked and verified online, so it can save you a lot of errands.” This "saving" model is exactly the benefits brought by the "digital government affairs" that many citizens have already or will enjoy.
Centering upon affair handling blockages like key document submission requirements from a number of departments, cumbersome proofs, and certificate collection without a deadline, our city has carried out a big data-based relief operation, with focus placed on the affair handling scenarios most closely related to the production and life of enterprises and masses. The submission of key original documents, manual verification and the masses running errands have been replaced to a large scale through data sharing.
Since the launch of the government affairs big data platform in 2018, it has integrated 108 system websites of municipal departments and more than 230 million pieces of data have been included in the database; as the only data sharing application pilot city in Heilongjiang Province, it has represented 66 national and 70 provincial Interface, providing 214 external interface services. The Working Regulations on the Implementation of Qiqihar's Application of Shared Data to Reduce Materials and Improve the Government Service Convenience in Affair Handling issued this year has also clearly stipulates the authority, accuracy and authenticity of shared data, as well as data format and application methods of shared data.
As of the first half of the year, data sharing applications have reduced the number of key document submissions required during government service by more than 150,000 cumulatively, elevating the whole-process online availability and actual handling rates of the entire government services to 83.1% and 63.9% respectively.
Optimizing the process by using data, realizing “one-time handling” of complex matters
"I heard that getting these certificates were particularly troublesome after the birth of a child. Today, I completed the child's household registration, medical insurance, and social insurance just at this window of Jianhua District Government Service Center in more than 20 minutes," said Yu Tianci, a citizen who just completed the newborn baby-related business, and highly praised the fast business processing method of Jianhua District Government Service Center, keeping saying, "It's so convenient!"
In order to solve the problems with multiple links, multiple places to go, and multiple errands involved in "several things" after the birth of a newborn baby, since November last year, Qiqihar Bureau of Commerce has taken the initiative to plan to integrate the "several things" after a newborn baby is born into "one thing", and realize the handling of the "one thing" to handle "at most one errand".
Adhering to "people-orientation" is the unchanging concept of our city's government service reform. Stepping from the "one thing" involving multiple departments that enterprises and masses need to handle to a "package of things" involving multiple fields and multiple levels is the main content of the reform and upgrade version of the "one thing being handled at a time" reform.
Business flow is realized through internal data intercommunication, with process reengineering driven by means of data movement, thereby realizing "one login, One Net-based Handling" online and "handling at only one window at most one errand" offline.
Among them, in terms of real estate registration, our city took the lead in realizing "one-time settlement at one window" of the whole chain from business acceptance to tax payment, and related provident funds, bank mortgages, and water and electricity businesses. The most complex business can be accepted within 40 minutes, with certificates issued in 3 working days.
In terms of enterprise establishment, 7 departments and 9 things have been integrated, realizing "one application, acceptance at one window, one link, handling completion in half a day". The enterprise will get a special free "gift package", including " Government Service Matters Notice", "Compilation of Preferential Policies for Enterprises", a business license, a corporate seal, a tax control disk (UKEY) and a letter to the enterprise. An enterprise can simply apply for establishment online, with the gift package delivered to it through express mail without running an errand even once.
"Data scenario" extends tentacles to open up the "last centimeter" of service
On October 21, 2019, the 3-day Qiqihar Digital Government Service Achievement Observation Meeting was held, at which through the application of digital government services in different scenarios such as notarization, real estate, and commercial reform, the achievements of the smart government service reform in our city in the past few years were fully demonstrated.
Due to less than a year of steady advancement, currently, "the platform to townships (streets), with ports entering villages (communities)", has become our city's four-level government service system and become the technical path for the "last centimeter" of serving enterprises and the masses.
Platform integration, full extension of tentacles, and cross-level data connection has further promoted the whole closed loop of the informatization process. Relying on the computer terminal, self-service terminal, and mobile terminal, in accordance with the principles of "intelligent service guidance, electronic collection and handling, online and offline synchronization", 24-hour"non-stop" government service has been realized.
At present, the deployment rate of self-service terminals in towns and villages has reached 50%. By the end of the year, full coverage will be achieved based on the service radius, with a total of more than 50,000 affairs handled. "Crane City Online" APP has 2.03 million registered users, with the highest number of daily launches reaching more than 150,000 and daily activity of up to 30,000 person times; a total of 41 online applications launched, and 5 online activities such as "issuing government consumer vouchers" carried out. The rate of handling on hand has reached up to 75%.
Based on comprehensive services for urban residents, "Crane City Online" has conducted full cooperation with Alipay, thereby realizing bidirectional diversion, and functional reuse and jointly building a "Civic Center" and an "Enterprise Home".
Centering upon “Handling on Hand” of government services and the life cycle of market entities, an industry-specific database and a list of service matters have been established and a "four offer" active service mechanism for offering policies, consultations, information, and problem solutions has been established.

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