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Promoting Comprehensive High-Quality Development of the Manufacturing Industry with a Sophisticated High-End Development Route


 -- Part II of Interpretation of Series of Implementation Opinions on Our City's Accelerating the Development of Precision and Ultra-Precision Manufacturing Industry
As an old industrial city in Northeast China, our city has relatively prominent advantages in the traditional equipment manufacturing industry. Facing the key node of the current transformation and upgrading of the traditional equipment manufacturing industry, accelerating the advancement in the direction of precision and ultra-precision is an effective way to boost the high-quality development of our city's manufacturing industry.
Coupled with the actual development of our city and market demand, through investigation and demonstration, our city has brought in the "Implementation Opinions on Qiqihar City Accelerating the Development of the Precision and Ultra-precision Manufacturing Industry" and "Qiqihar City's Development Plan for the Precision and Ultra-precision Manufacturing Industry", outlining the blueprint for the development of our city's precision and ultra-precision manufacturing industry in terms of development ideas, development direction and development focus, overall requirements, principle objectives and safeguard measures, making the development goals of our city's manufacturing industry clearer, enabling the structure to be further optimized.
Regarding high-end manufacturing and top technology, facing the increasingly abrupt international situation, our city will, with network technology as the forerunner, led by technological innovation, agglomeration capacity as the core, and a guarantee system as support, closely follow the international industrial development trend, and adhere to combining "utilization of its own achievements" and "utilization of others' ", focusing on promoting the construction of a 1+2+3+4+N industrial system (construction of 1 theme park, 2 research institutes, 3 centers, 4 professional industrial parks, and N industrial fields) to give full play to the decisive role of market allocation resource and promote the organic integration of professional industrial park construction and project construction. At the same time, our city will continue to expand and strengthen other manufacturing areas to release the scale of production capacity and brand effect.
The high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, especially the equipment manufacturing industry, is the top priority of the high-quality development of our country’s economy. Our city must adhere to the new development concept, emancipate the mind, forge ahead, aim at the direction precisely, maintain determination, deepen reform, solve contradictions, maximize strengths, avoid weaknesses, and give full play to our advantages. In terms of advancing the precision and ultra-precision manufacturing industry, our city focuses on implementing precision and ultra-precision component manufacturing projects, precision and ultra-precision casting and forging projects, precision and ultra-precision CNC machine tool projects, precision and ultra-precision materials manufacturing projects, precision and ultra-precision optical instrument manufacturing projects, precision and ultra-precision testing equipment manufacturing projects and heat treatment capacity projects and researching and developing precision and ultra-precision cutting tool projects. With high precision, high added value, and high reliability as the path, our city will introduce and obtain a batch of new achievements and new projects, cultivate a batch of backbone enterprises, make breakthroughs in a batch of core technologies, aim at the global development direction and resolve "troublesome" bottleneck constraints. Our city will stick to international vision, industrialization direction, market mechanism, capitalized operation, etc., reinforce the innovation of equipment manufacturing technology, seize the commanding heights of the precision and ultra-precision manufacturing industry, and promote products to be internationalized, high-end, branded, informatized, and intelligent, accelerate the reengineering and upgrading of the industrial infrastructure and enhance the core competitiveness.
For areas with development potentials, our city will carry out systematic planning, highlight key points and comprehensively advance and construct industrial Internet innovation and green manufacturing projects, cultivate industrial ecology and "specialized, fined, special and new" enterprises, further activate the vitality of equipment manufacturing, adhere to six principles, i.e. market leadership and government guidance, internal guidance and external investment attraction, independent innovation and introduction and absorption, industrial development and element sharing, comprehensive advancement and key breakthroughs, legal construction and opening and integration, bring the number of precision and ultra-precision manufacturing enterprises in our city to 1,000 in 10 years, with a total output value of 100 billion Yuan and make our city a characteristic domestically first-class and internationally renowned precision and ultra-precision manufacturing, R&D, production and testing industrial base.

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