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Breakthrough in Key Fields and Forging New Pillars in Crane City


 --- No. 3 of of the series interpretation to the opinions on implementation of speeding up the development of precision and ultra-precision manufacturing industries in our city
As an old industrial city, our city possesses strongly unmatchable foundation for the industries in the aspects of precision and ultra-precision manufacturing. The issue we are to resolve at present is how we utilize such potential advantages based on present situation in overcoming the obstacles, utilizing the policies and making good design, to promote the development of precision and ultra-precision industries.
For development as guided by network technologies, driven by scientific and technical innovations, oriented with clustering abilities and supported by guarantee system, our city will stay on top of the trend of international industry development and make full exploitation of decisive role of market resource allocation to promote organic integration between the construction of professional industry park and projects construction while continuously extending and strengthening other fields and releasing the scale of production capacity and effects of brands.
At present, there are nearly 100 mechanical equipment manufacturers in our city, where NC machine tools, shotgun manufacturing, high-end gears, high-speed train inspection and test equipment, dee-hole cylinders machining, high-end bearing steel, aerospace and aviation parts, metal matrix composites and etc. take the leadership in China, while nuclear power equipment, coal liquefaction equipment, railway transportation equipment, petroleum drilling, exploitation and driving equipment and etc. take the leadership in the world. For such advantages, our city will focus on breakthrough in key fields in the aspect of industrial development of precision and ultra-precision manufacturing, start up as first priority three fields of “Precision and ultra-precision components, precision casting and forging and precision NC machine tools” while creating condition for promotion of five fields “Precision and ultra-precision optical instruments, materials, testing equipment, cutting tools and heat treatment capability” whenever appropriate, followed by dynamic construction and management depending on market demand fluctuation and addition and reduction to the industrial fields.
In the field of precision and ultra-precision components, as oriented with fields of application for transportation equipment, nuclear power, metallurgy, ship, aerospace and aviation, petroleum drilling and exploitation and etc. our city will develop as key areas, various types of precision components like milling head, turntable, main shaft, clamping screws, connection rods, axlebox, shims and etc., enlarge the scale of precision gear manufacturing, speed up the progress of localization for torque motor, servo motor, special motor and etc. and accelerate localization for functional components like heat dissipation materials. Start up as first priority the projects for high-accuracy gear from Gear Manufacturing Co., Yutong Machinery, Qiqihar Heavy NC Equipment, Qiqihar No. 2 Machine Tool, Shiyu Technology and etc., components for aerospace and aviation and military application from Hongxuda and Xiangke New Material, and intelligent rotary steering drilling system from Jinghong Petroleum. In the meanwhile, implement upgrading and reconstruction to the existing technology and equipment, and construct high-precision horizontal machining center, high-precision NC machining center and intelligent precision machining center.
In the field of precision and ultra-precision forging and casting, key reconstruction and improvement will be implemented for sand mould casting process. Develop precision casting processes like investment casting, ceramic mold casting, permanent mould casting, die casting, lost foam casting and etc., as well as precision casting process like hot precision forging, cold precision forging, warm precision forging, compound precision forging and etc. Projects will be implemented for reconstruction and upgrading of precision machining of hydrogenated forgings, precision parts associated with metallurgical equipment, and precision machining of large-sized castings and forgings. It is intended advanced equipment including 1600MN multi-functional oversized hydraulic press, automated NC cutting machine, automated grinding machine and etc. will be added to improve industrial system for forging industry.
In the field of precision and ultra-precision NC machine tools, with high-speed and high-precision jig borer, crankshaft cyclone machine tool, machining center for general-purpose precision machine tool as key items from Northeast Institute of Precision Manufacturing Research, Qiqihar Heavy NC, Qiqihar No. 2 Machine Tool, oriented with intelligent manufacturing, laser manufacturing, green manufacturing, reinforced material manufacturing and etc. as core technology for material manufacturing, focus on the construction of precision NC machine tool, milling machine, machine tool for compound machining, hole drilling machine tool, testing machine tool, machine tool for laser machining and etc. Improve the competence for development, design and manufacturing of laser machining, precision machining and milling combined machining, ultra-precision polishing and lapping, electronic equipment manufacturing and etc. Promote capacity construction of special-purpose machine tools.
For precision and ultra-precision manufacturing industries, our city will not only make key breakthrough in current foundation, but also continuously improve product performance. A series of engineering construction will be conducted to further improve research and development competence, machining capacity, testing capacity, technological levels, intelligent level and post-treatment capacity.
Industrial transformation and upgrading is not only a storming fortification but also a protracted war. Only forwarding along clear path, making one step at a time, passing on the relay stick one after another and adding many small victories to a big one can one not be left far behind in a new round of scientific and technological revolution, thereby taking the control of commanding height and the initiative.

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