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Cranes Dancing in the Snowfield, Gorgeous Zhalong Attracts Tourists



Abustle ice and snow season, happy tour in Heilongjiang, cranes dancing in the snowfield, gorgeous Zhalong attracting tourists. Under the premise of strict epidemic prevention, on the morning of the 28th, the 2020 Qiqihar's first "Snowfield Crane Watching Festival" was officially launched, attracting many tourists from inside and outside the province. In the ice and snow world in Zhalong in winter, they experienced the unique ice and snow tourism events-"Snowfield Crane Watching Festival" and cultural tourism activities with northeastern characteristics such as 100-meter icicle group, winter fishing, snow skipping, sandbag throwing, and tug-of-war on ice.
On the same day, it was learned from Zhalong National Nature Reserve Administration that this bureau has been constantly optimizing the original brand of "Cranes Dancing in the Snowfield". In order to promote the sustainable development of winter tourism in Zhalong Eco-Tourism Zone, Zhalong "Parent-Child Activity Week" activities have been lunched during the "Snowfield Crane Watching Festival" period, such as a "2+1" ticket discount policy, family outings, half price for adults, and free tickets for children. During the discount period, in order to extend thanks to the care and support for Zhalong Eco-Tourism Zone from tourists and Qiqihar citizens, anyone who holds a Qiqihar's regional resident ID card can enjoy the half- price discount policy of the scenic spot. The picture shows tourists admiring cranes at close range.

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