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CFHI Striding Towards the Goal of "A Good Start in January"



Facing the complex and changeable situation of the pandemic, CFHI has been firmly sticking to the "one chess game" thinking, uncompromisingly and resolutely implemented the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, taking epidemic prevention and control as a top priority, and resolutely preventing output and spreading. At the same time, it has taken strong measures to promote the orderly pace of production and operation, and constantly made steady progress toward the goal of "a good start in January".
In the steelmaking workshop of CFHI, steel spattering and heat waves rolling, production workers were pouring molten steel into Shanxi Taiyuan Steel's 4300mm stainless steel large rough rolling rack in an orderly manner, accurately and smoothly pouring 770 tons of molten steel at temperature up to over 1500 degrees in 5 ladles into the cavity of the rack at the same time, getting success in the smooth pouring of the first 700-ton super-large rack this year
At present, CFHI's party organizations and leading cadres as party members at all levels and the majority of party members and employees, taking the initiative, sticking to their posts, and fulfilling their responsibilities, have launched the "preventing the epidemic and guaranteeing the task completion" battle. Whether at steelmaking furnaces or assembly lines, busy scenes can be seen everywhere, with the aim to achieve the goal of "a good start in January".
It is learned that in order to advance the effective and orderly implementation of various epidemic prevention and control measures and strictly stop the spread of the epidemic, the Party Committee of CFHI has formulated the "Implementation Plan for the Grid-based Management of COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control" to deeply implement the "Grid-based" management mechanism, organize grassroots units to establish a "vertical prevention and control structure" in accordance with second-level units contacting manufacturing plants, manufacturing plants contacting production teams, and team leaders contacting the staff to achieve a prevention and control work situation where "the branches are watched and the teams are managed", and practically make sure the number of employees, their health condition and their whereabouts. At the same time "CFHI Epidemic Prevention Management" micro-program has been developed to earnestly implement the main responsibility of prevention and control, and weave a dense horizontal-to-side and vertical-to-bottom epidemic prevention and control network without missing one person.
The picture shows successful pouring 770 tons of molten steel into Shanxi Taiyuan Steel's 4300mm stainless steel large rough rolling rack by means of combined pouring of 5 ladles and point pouring three times at the steelmaking production site of CFHI.

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