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Our City’s Industrial Economy Achieved a Good Start


 At the very beginning of the year, everything taking on a fresh and new look, multiple unfavorable factors overcome, strict measures taken to prevent and control the pandemic under the strong leadership of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Qiqihar Municipal People's Government, green channels opened up to ensure production factors, enterprises' production and operation organized in a scientific and orderly manner, our city has achieved a "Good Start in the First Month" in industrial economy.
During the Spring Festival, key enterprises worked overtime, without slacking, ensuring a good job in both epidemic prevention and control and production organization, laying a solid foundation for the first quarter and the realization of the annual goals.
As for CFHI, since January, it has overcome multiple unfavorable factors, has taken strict measures to prevent and control the epidemic and promote production and operation in a scientific and orderly manner and coordinate the operations of various business segments, with the total profit increased by 63.2% year-on-year, and operating income increased by 56.1% year-on-year. During the Spring Festival, CFHI also presented a bustling production scene. Many employees took the initiative to give up the opportunity to reunite with their families, and spent day and night in smelting, tapping, and pouring, working overtime to speed up production. Steel Smelting Plant produced 981 tons of molten steel that day, creating a record high for the Spring Festival over the past 10 years. Hydraulic Press Forging Plant had two 10,000-ton hydraulic presses and a 6,000-ton hydraulic press fully operated to ensure smooth production during the festival, with 50-degree main pipeline air-cooled aluminum melted successfully, and the hinge beams for key forgings hot forged. Petrochemical Equipment Company organized personnel that remained in Dalian to rush to work on key petrochemical products in production this year, and arranged production in an orderly manner for the main-line component reactor of the ShengHong Ethylene Oxide Project and the 284 pressure cylinder project of CSICL to ensure the contract delivery date. The welding stations of all main line components started, working 24 hours continuously even when unattended.
As for Jianlong Beiman, during the Spring Festival, the company witnessed bustling production scenes, machinery roaring, and red billets continuously rolling off the assembly line, the majority of cadres and employees stuck to their jobs and devoted themselves to the production heart and soul, with cadres and employees as busy as they were in ordinary periods during the Spring Festival. "Sticking to our posts, working hard and struggling are a unique ways for our front-line employees to celebrate the Spring Festival and welcome the New Year." said Wang Guihai, Director of the Steel Rolling Mill. In order to ensure stable production during the Spring Festival, the Steel Rolling Mill strictly implemented its production plan, with focus placed on deploying related work during the Spring Festival, stabilizing the production rhythm, strengthening production control, paying close attention to the production dynamics of each process to ensure the stability of various indicators, fully release production capacity and improve economic benefits. After the monthly rolling volume of the large-sized bars of the Steel Rolling Mill hit a record high in January, on February 13th, the second day of the Lunar New Year, it set a record for the highest daily output, with a daily output reaching up to 1,377 tons.
As for HONGZHAN GROUP, the company processes and produces at full capacity 24 hours a day. In January, it produced 60,565 tons of alcohol, an increase of 3.73% over the same period last year, and 55,074 tons of feed and consumed 178,251 tons of corn, achieving a good start in the first month. At present, Heilongjiang Hongzhan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is producing at full capacity with sufficient raw material guarantee. "This year, Nehe City has set up a special class to ensure the normal production of Heilongjiang Hongzhan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. With the assistance of the CPC Nehe Municipal Party Committee, Nehe Municipal Government and Nehe Grain Bureau, including coordinating the transportation department and the transportation management department, green channels for opened for us to ensure our daily raw grain return volume of up to more than 7,500 tons every day, so that we can operate normally. Now our daily production capacity involes finished alcohol of 2,500 tons, and the outgoing capacity of more than 2,000 tons per day." said Zhu Dedong, the company's raw grain procurement director.
As for Longjiang Fufeng, during the Spring Festival, the 1,800 employees of Longjiang Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. stuck to their posts all the time, working in rotation, with production going on 24 hours a day. The company has taken multiple measures and made every effort to prevent and control the epidemic on the one hand and made scientific arrangements and done everything possible to arrange normal production work on the other hand, with all production and operation work in a stable and orderly manner. With the increase in sales, the company is energized from up down, fully engaged in production to complete the orders as scheduled. The company plans to produce 100,000 tons of threonine, 200,000 tons of lysine, and 600,000 tons of crystalline glucose per year. In January, orders for threonine, lysine and glucose reached 12,000 tons, 22,000 tons and 44,000 tons respectively. In January, Fufeng Company produced 30,000 tons of glucose, 9,000 tons of threonine, and 19,000 tons of lysine, with its capacity utilization rate reaching up to 100%.

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