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Our City Held a Key Industrial Project Promotion Conference


 In order to thoroughly carry out the spirit of the economic work conferences of the central government, the CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee and the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party committees, continuously expand the results of the "Winter Preparation" for investment attraction, and promote the "Spring of Construction Commencement" of projects to achieve a good start of Qiqihar's economy in the first quarter and lay a solid industrial foundation for the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan", on the afternoon of the 5th, the city's key industrial project promotion conference was held in the Office Center for Qiqihar Party and Government Organs.
Wu Yu, Member of the Standing Committee of Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee of CPC and Deputy Mayor, was present and delivered a speech at the conference, and persons in charge of relevant departments directly under the municipal government, like the Organization Department of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, Qiqihar Economic Cooperation Bureau and Qiqihar Municipal Development and Reform Commission were also present at the conference. Branch venues were set up in all counties (cities) and districts in the form of government affairs extranet videos.
It was pointed out at the conference that all counties (cities), districts, and departments should earnestly improve their political positions, strengthen industrial chain thinking, put the focus of economic work on grasping industries and projects, gain a secure foothold in industrial advantages and resource advantages, and innovate investment promotion and industrial development ideas, further extend the industrial chain and enhance the value chain by closely centering upon the construction of Heilongjiang's " 100 key projects " and "Qiqihar’s Hundred Major Industrial Chain Projects" to provide strong support for the promotion of the city’s high-quality economic development.
It was requested at the conference that the quality and efficiency of project planning and promotion should be further improved and the golden period of investment attraction in spring should be seized. According to the investment attraction map and roadmap, it is necessary to proactively go out, choose projects scientifically and rationally, and fully consider economic and social benefits to improve the quality of the projects involved in project attraction. At the same time, coupled with the resource advantages and the positioning of dominant industries, the focus should be placed on doing a good job in "12+1" industrial chain projects, and continuing to build, strengthen, supplement, and extend the chain. In the meantime, all counties (cities) and districts should promptly organize contracted project units that have not yet settled down to accelerate the handling of all the preliminary procedures, and complete the relevant procedures before the end of March.
It was emphasized at the conference that where the civil works of a continued construction project have been completed, it is necessary to conduct equipment installation and commissioning as soon as possible. Where the civil works haven't been completed, construction must be resumed by April 15 and the project construction progress must be closely supervised. The municipal special approval and tracking service team should unblock the "Green Channel" for Heilongjiang's top 100 key projects, implement the chief responsibility system, and adopt "Nanny-Style" service to lay a solid foundation for the "Construction Commencement in Spring" of Heilongjiang's 100 key projects in 2021 and ensure the completion of various indicators and tasks assigned by the province. It is required to further optimize the business environment, shorten the time limit for approval, simplify approval procedures, implement mechanisms such as "Deficiency Tolerance Approval" and "Commitment-based Construction Commencement", and make every effort to ensure relevant services such as project construction, completion acceptance, and operation and production capacity realization. All counties (cities), districts, and departments should further strengthen their industrial chain thinking speed up the construction of the industrial system, and strive to make new progress and breakthroughs in the construction of the city's key industrial chain projects.
At the conference, Qiqihar Municipal Economic Cooperation Bureau notified the city's investment attraction and key industry project planning situation.

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