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CFHI to Conduct In-depth 5G cooperation with China Mobile


 Recently, it has been learned from CFHI that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile in Beijing and both parties shall carry out in-depth cooperation in 5G.
It is learned that CFHI and China Mobile had already carried out corresponding cooperation before the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement. China Mobile deployed a 5G base station in the Rolling Mill Workshop of CFHI's Heavy Equipment Division, and installed an edge cloud platform in the Computer Room of CFHI's Information Center, thereby realizing the full coverage of 5G signals in the Rolling Mill Workshop. Through 5G+ edge cloud platform, a 5G private network of CFHI has been constructed to ensure data security by confining data to the factory.
After the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement, both parties will deepen the 5G industry private network infrastructure construction and conduct in-depth cooperation in terms of broadband basic communication services, 5G intelligent quality inspection and AR intelligent inspection and other innovative applications, digital workshop construction, networked collaborative manufacturing, and overseas business cooperation, etc. to help the company accelerate the pace of digital transformation.
In future, both parties will use this signing as an opportunity to integrate their respective technologies, talents and other resources, complement each other's advantages, open channels and share resources, jointly build a win-win situation in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and advance the innovative and integrative development of the communications industry and the manufacturing industry.

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