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County and District Enterprises Go All Out to Realize a "Good Start" in the First Quarter


Since the Spring Festival, the enterprises in all counties and districts of our city have resumed work and production, aiming at their goals on the basis of 2020, working hard like "bulls", striving to realize a good start in the first quarter.
Gannan: Aoruijin (Gannan) Packing Co., Ltd.
On March 9, in the production workshop of Aoruijin (Gannan) Packing Co., Ltd., two production lines were produce metal packaging cans at full capacity, workers skillfully operating various production equipment in the workshop, and quality inspectors conducting inspection using various precise testing equipment to strictly control product quality, with a bustle scene in the workshop.
Since the beginning of the year, Aoruijin (Gannan)Packing Co., Ltd. has seen continued increase in the number of orders and significant increase in its output. In the first quarter of this year, it is expected to complete the production of 23.87 million metal packaging cans, exceeding the output in the same period last year by 5.71 million cans, indicating a significant increase in the output. Factory director Wang Dongming said, "Some of our orders have to be delivered in June, especially the orders for the supporting products for Xingfeifan Series of Feihe, whose demand has increased 15% compared with the same period last year. Our workers are working overtime to produce."
It is learned that Aoruijin Company has established a strategic partnership with Feihe. In 2018, Aoruijin established Feihe factory in factory based on its original factory area in Gannan to get closer to its customers. In 2021, in order to expand the market share, it conducted expansion and upgrading on the basis of the existing factory area of the company in Gannan, involving a total investment amount of about 200 million Yuan. The company plans to construct a large metal packaging production base integrating raw material production and can making, so as to meet the packaging market demand in the entire northeastern part of China. The new plant buildings are expected to be fully put into operation in July this year.
General Manager Zhu Changwei of Aoruijin (Gannan) Packing Co., Ltd. said that during the pandemic, the company strictly followed the epidemic prevention and control requirements and arranged for all its employees to undergo two nucleic acid tests and vaccinations. As all the raw materials required for production by the company come from other provinces and cities, in order not to affect the normal production of the company, the Management Committee of Gannan County Development Zone sent designated personnel to track and coordinate to ensure unimpeded transportation links and press the "accelerator" key to help the development of the company. Zhu Changwei said that based on the current production schedule, the company is expected to achieve an output value of 75.63 million Yuan in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 41% year-on-year, thereby usher in a "good start" in the first quarter.
Meilisi District: Oriental Hope Meat Product Integrated Feed Supporting Processing Project
Recently, at the construction site of Oriental Hope Meat Product Integrated Feed Processing Project in Meilisi Daur District, large-scale machinery roaring constantly, workers have been shuttling back and forth inside and outside the plant area, busy with the installation of grain storage tank equipment components and equipment frame welding, a bustle scene seen everywhere.
Oriental Hope Group's Raw Port Food Integration Project, as one of Heilongjiang's top 100 key projects, involves a total investment of 1.593 billion Yuan to construct a pig industry chain integrating boar breeding, pig breeding and feed processing. According to Shi Lei, an engineer in Liujianfang Feed Factory of Oriental Hope Group, the civil engineering of the feed factory has reached the final stage, with 98% of the equipment installation in the main workshop completed, contracts signed for the remaining equipment. When the equipment of the equipment manufacturer is mobilized, all efforts will be made to organize installation to try to meet the requirements for trial operation in mid-May and realize production as soon as possible. In addition, three projects to be continued, i.e. Oriental Hope's Liujianfang Feed Factory, Nenshui Farm Boar Station Breeding Project, and Xidifangzi Pig Breeding Project, have resumed construction. Four new products, i.e. Oriental Hope Ermenqin Breeding Farm Project, Xing'an Breeding Farm Project, Baihuo Breeding Farm Project and the Food Processing Project, will also commence this year.
It is learned that this project, as a leading enterprise key project involved in investment attraction in MeilisiDaur District, is an important link in Meilisi District's specific implementation of carrying out the "one, two, three, and four" strategy, realizing "six new breakthroughs" and doing a good job in "ten batches", which will further accelerate the transformation and upgrading and high-quality development of the agricultural industry in Meilisi District. Meilisi District is currently vigorously carrying forward the "spirit of the ox" to go all out to guarantee the resumption of work and production of key projects such as Oriental Hope Meat Product Integrated Feed Supporting Processing Project. By paying close attention to projects and making up for the shortcomings of the project, Meilisi District will strive to realize a "Good Start" of social and economic development in the first quarter of the first year of the"14th Five-Year" plan period.

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