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Technological Innovation Boosts China Feihe to Take off


On March 18th, good news came about China Feihe's amazing performance in 2020. It achieved operating income of 18.592 billion Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35.5%, including operating income of 17.673 billion Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 41%, brought by infant formula milk powder products. It is worth noting that Feihe not only ranks first in terms of speed in the industry but also continues to rank first in terms of market share and has further expanded its leading advantage, especially in key and provincial capital cities, where Feihe’s product sales share has reached 14.4%, a year-on-year increase. 38.46%.
In 2020, affected by the epidemic and the international political and economic situation, "increasing uncertainties" should be the most obvious feature of the macroeconomic environment. In such an environment, China Feihe, which took off from the Crane City, could maintain good fundamentals and achieve sustained and steady growth, which is inseparable from its "innovative" genes and persistence in technology.
First of all, Feihe has been persisting in basic research on breast milk in China for a long term. At the beginning of 2021, Feihe released its results in China's breast milk research conducted in 2020, with several results published in the world for the first time. Feihe's achievement of a number of "world premiere" basic research results is due to its long-term investment and persistence. It is revealed by Feihe that from 2016 to 2020, Feihe's R&D staff tripled, with an external high-level R&D platform added almost every year.
Second, Feihe has never stopped creation on the industrial side. It has established Infant Formula Whole Industry Chain Innovation Center with China National Dairy Technology Innovation Alliance, and the first national dairy academician workstation with the team of Academician Zhu Beiwei to conduct research on core raw materials. It has completed the acquisition of the original ecological animal husbandry, realizing a shift from milk source self-control to milk source autonomy. In March 2020, Feihe won the TPM Award of the Global Manufacturing Excellence Award, becoming one of the few infant milk powder companies in the world that have received this award.
At the same time, Feihe has been actively promoting a comprehensive digital upgrade. In 2018, Feihe launched a comprehensive digital strategy to build its own big data capabilities. Over more than three years, this digital technology revolution that started from the marketing side has extended to the enterprise management, supply chain, and production and breeding sides. Data from Feihe shows that since the marketing-focused data platform went online, the monthly active users of Feihe's stock users have increased by more than 200% annually. With the advancement of the second phase of data platform and business center projects, Feihe's smart manufacturing and smart supply chain have also begun to take shape.

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