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Our City to Construct Additional 12 "Head Goose" Workstations


Recently, 12 "head goose" workstations, including Qizhong Heavy CNC and HEU Li Ye's "Head Goose" team, Heilong Ice & Snow and HIT Feng Jicai's "Head Goose" team, have officially settled in our city after preliminary review and public announcement.
The 12 "Head Goose" workstations that settled in our city this time, with their cooperation content involving our city's complete machine equipment manufacturing, precision & ultra-precision manufacturing, ice & snow sports, biomedicine and other key industries, will actively promote the revitalization of the countryside, spread "Head Goose" technical achievements to counties (cities). Among them, 7 newly-built substations of the "Head Goose" stations will serve the leading industries in each county (city) and district in terms of agricultural fields involving soybean, rice and edible fungus.
It is understood that in 2019, our province officially launched the "Head Goose" action. The 92 "Head Geese" selected in the first batch are mostly high-end talents at the national level and generally recognized leaders in the industry. In-depth analysis shows that 61 teams involved in agricultural production, animal husbandry production, material engineering, energy development, equipment manufacturing and other research directions are in line with our city's twelve key industries, and 12 teams have research directions related to key industries.
Facing the heartfelt sincerity of our city, more and more "Head Goose" teams have come to Qiqihar for cooperation. Up to now, the city has established 36 "Head Goose" workstations, including 19 workstations based on joint construction, 15 sub-stations, and 2 self-built workstations, introducing 122 talents from other cities, helping enterprises and institutions solve a number of key technical problems, breaking through the "bottleneck" technologies, promoting the localized transformation of a batch of achievements with high maturity and good market prospects in our city and providing an "intelligence engine" for our city to introduce and gather high-level talents, introduce and transform high-tech technological achievements and improve its independent innovation capabilities.

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