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Builders of Yihai Jiali Stick to Job Posts


During the May Day holiday, the builders of Yihai Jiali (Fuyu) Modern Agricultural Industrial Park, one of Heilongjiang's top 100 key projects, sacrificed their holidays to seize the golden construction period to accelerate the construction process, reflecting the beauty of labor.
Recently, it has been seen in this industrial park that a bustling construction scene is shown at the entire construction site, more than 2,000 construction workers busy with construction in an orderly manner at their respective posts. In the construction of the cogeneration works, the workers have adopted a "three shifts" mode to install and debug equipment for the first boiler to be put into operation. Zhang Fapeng from Harbin, an operator from the cogeneration works, hasn't been home even once since the Spring Festival this year. He had planned to go home to visit his parents during the "May Day" holiday. However, due to the tight construction schedule, he decided to give up the holiday and stick to his job post.
It is learned that the industrial park is a comprehensive modern agricultural industrial park integrating grain, oil and food processing, biotechnology, and energy supply, constructed based on Yihai Jiali Group's investment of over 10 billion Yuan. After the project is put into production, it can provide 3,000 people job opportunities, realize an annual output value of 8 billion Yuan and tax revenue of over 500 million Yuan and solve the order-based planting issue involving 6.7 million mu arable land in Fuyu County and surrounding areas.

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