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Jianlong Beiman Made Major Breakthroughs in Developing New Products


 Since the beginning of the year, Jianlong Beiman has continuously increased its investment in technology, focused on guide by technology, closely coordinated "production, sales and research", seized market opportunities, vigorously promoted the technology leadership strategy and made major breakthroughs in 15 new product development tasks involving bearing steel, automotive steel, engineering machinery steel, tool and die steel and steel for petrochemical use, providing solid technical support for the realization of the whole year's production and operation goals of Jianlong Beiman Special Steel.
Bearing steel, known as the "king of steel", is one of the special steels characterized by the greatest difficulty in production, the most stringent product quality requirements, and the most inspection items. Over the years, Jianlong Beiman has continuously improved the quality of this product. In order to meet the "high purity" and "high uniformity" requirements of high-quality bearing steel, it has continuously increased its efforts in R&D of high-end bearing steel. At present, 2 new product certifications have been completed for high-quality bearing steel, realizing 50% of the annual target; new product development projects include R&D of automotive gearbox bearings BM6-4, special component bearings BM18, BM20, BM61 and 29.5% of the annual target has been completed in terms of the quantity of product development.
Meanwhile, the development of Jianlong Beiman Special Steel's tool and die steel, petrochemical steel, coal machine steel and other products have been advanced together; the development of steel for cone bits, 13Cr stainless steel tube billets, and H13 steel for high-quality die-casting molds is also in full swing in accordance with the customers' technical requirements. At present, trial production, material inspection and trial production summary have been completed for most of the new products, and recognized by the customers. The application by the users is being traced, and improvement has been constantly made.
It is learned that in 2021, the core goals of Jianlong Beiman are to "expand the market, fill the gaps in variety, build the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and become a high-end, professional and high-quality industrial steel supplier, and become a world-class high-end bearing steel production base and the “first brand” of special steel in the market of Northeast China". It is developing new grades, new specifications, and new products with different process routes through existing customer resources, and developing potential new customers, new grades, and varieties in new fields through technical marketing, and vigorously advancing its product varieties to develop towards specialization, high quality and high added value.

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