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Our City Comprehensively Promotes Construction of Rural Road Projects


 The staff were surveying and mapping at the reconstruction site of a section of tertiary highway from Jieji Township to Haoxin Township in Tailai County, where not far way, bulldozers and road rollers and other equipments were refilling subgrade frost boiling section on May 28th. Transportation system is under actively planning and meticulously preparing in our city. Since April, Rural road projects have been started to resume work.
It is understood that the third-level road reconstruction project from Jieji Township to Haoxin Township is one of the rural road constructions in the transportation system of our city this year. The total length of the project is 6.416km and the original pavement is a brick structure. After the reconstruction, the base layer is double-layer cement stabilized gravel and the surface layer is an asphalt pavement with a width of up to 7m. The project started in September last year and resumed work in April this year to prepare materials. It is planned to complete all construction tasks in July this year. At the beginning of this year, in order to promote the construction of rural road projects and further improve the traffic conditions of rural roads, the Municipal Transportation Bureau made clear arrangements for the resumption of rural road projects, requiring all counties (cities) and districts to actively handle the preliminary examination and approval of the project and to promptly organize construction under the conditions of start-up. While strengthening the quality and safety management, physical workload should also to be achieved as soon as possible.
Up to now, a total of forty-three projects in the city with 204.4km of highways have been resumed, of which seven projects that have 41.3km of highways are under roadbed construction in Fuyu County; thirteen projects that have 45.4km of highways are under road base construction in Baiquan County; five projects that have 51.9km of highways are under pavement base and surface construction in Gannan County; sixteen projects that have 51km of highways are under road base construction in Keshan County; two projects that have 14.8km of highways highways are under pavement base and surface construction in Tailai County. The above-mentioned projects have completed a total investment of 68.787 million yuan, whose investment ratio is 42%. In the next step, the Municipal Transportation Bureau will continue to promote the transportation departments of all counties to speed up the construction of rural road projects, seize the construction period under the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of the project construction so that the rural road projects can be implemented as soon as possible, handing over and open to traffic soon.

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