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Construction, Extension, Strengthening and Maintenance of Chain to Build "12 + 1" Industrial System


 - Our city vigorously promotes the construction of top 100 investment projects for industrial chain and supply chain
June is the golden period of project construction. As the whole city continues to promote project construction, in accordance with the spirit of the “Implementation Scheme of Continuously Promoting the "Hundred, Ten Hundred and Thousand" Industry Multiplication Plan during the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" Period in Qiqihar City”, our city closely focuses on 12 key industries to build, extend, strengthen and maintain the chain, makes full effort to promote the construction of top 100 investment projects for industrial chain and supply chain, make great effort to build a "12 + 1" industrial project construction system, continue to implement the " Hundred, Ten Hundred and Thousand" industrial multiplication plan, create a new situation of competitive development of Qianfan competition, and promote the comprehensive and full revitalization of the city's economy.
At present, our city's advantages in industrial scale and agglomeration effect are increasingly prominent day by day. The industrial chain and supply chain system has been initially built. Based on the existing industrial foundation, we will focus on the construction of 100 major industrial chain investment projects, accelerate the integration into the domestic "big cycle", smooth the city's "microcirculation", vigorously promote the high-end industrial foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain, make up for the shortage of the supply chain, enhance the resilience of the industrial chain, use the project cluster to promote the enterprise cluster, use the project chain to promote the construction of industrial chain, and strengthen the core competitiveness of the real economy.
During the "fourteenth five-year plan" period, our city will take the industrial chain and supply chain as the core, build 100 major projects, highlight the requirements of "quality" and "chain", strive to create a strong atmosphere of "focusing on large projects, developing the projects, and implement the projects", focus on the construction of "12 + 1" industrial chain and supply chain projects, give full play to our city’s important position and prominent role in the national industrial layout, and strive to achieve that the city has promoted the construction of more than 500 "top 100 industrial investment projects in industrial and chain supply chain" by 2025, with an annual projects of not less than 100, and has completed investment of more than 50 billion yuan, with an annual investment of not less than 10 billion yuan.
In terms of promotion mode, our city will focus on the four industrial clusters of equipment manufacturing, green foods, biomedicine and new energy which are at the hundred billion level, highlight the core enterprises and core product for construction, extension, strengthening and maintenance of chain, adhere to the effective forms of industrial chain investment promotion and industrial real estate investment promotion, carry out the accurate investment promotion, detailed investment promotion and professional investment promotion according to the industrial chain map and investment promotion manual, further promote counterpart cooperation with Guangzhou districts and strategic cooperation with Beijing Capital Agribusiness, actively dock with developed regions such as Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and aim at docking projects of central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, top 500 enterprises in the world, top 500 enterprises in China and leading enterprises in the industry. In addition, we will accelerate the construction of industrial real estate, perform market-oriented operation of the Parks, speed up the elimination of "zombie projects and enterprises", realize "Free the cage to change birds", constantly expand the space for investment promotion, and encourage and support enterprises with strength to build industrial parks.
In addition, for promotion, our city will also comprehensively take various safeguard measures, highlight the collaborative support of project elements of industrial chain and supply chain, accelerate the innovation of financial products, implement "double recruitment and double introduction", and deepen the industrialization development of skilled talents. Closely focusing on the national and provincial "fourteenth five-year" plan, we will seize the policy opportunities of national support for Northeast revitalization, comprehensive management of Nenjiang River Basin, rural revitalization, biomedicine, industrial transfer and building of five bases of equipment manufacturing, precision and ultra precision manufacturing, green foods, biological raw materials, new energy and environmental protection. We will carefully plan the projects, and improve the modernization level of industrial chain and supply chain. In addition, we will adhere to the principle of "responding to all demands and disturbing no one for nothing", implement various measures on "release authority, management and service", further simplify transaction procedures, improve transaction efficiency, and comprehensively implement policies and measures such as "Commencement as promised" and "Operation as licensed".

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