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Guoneng Longjiang Biomass Power Generation Co., Ltd. Actively Engaged in Production and R&D of Hi-Tech Projects over the Years



The parent company of Guoneng Longjiang Biomass Power Co., Ltd. is a specialized company engaged in the comprehensive development and utilization of biomass energy in China and also the first one to develop biomass power generation projects with corn straw as the main fuel in the world, opening up a new way for the comprehensive utilization of yellow straw like corn straw in Northeast China. Guoneng Longjiang Biomass Power Co., Ltd. has settled in Longjiang County and has been actively engaged in the production and R&D of high-tech projects over the years. The company can consume straw of 400,000 tons for one project along and transmit environmentally-friendly power of 200 million KWH to the grid per year. The picture shows the company’s employees preliminarily sorting straw on the yard to make preparations for the following processing and power generation.

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