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Corn Deep Processing Project Successfully Settles in Yushu Tun Industrial Park



At the beginning of the year, the municipal government and Fufeng Group formally signed a 3 million ton corn deep processing project, and now it has successfully settled in Yushu Tun Industrial Park in Ang'angxi Industrial Park. The project involves a total investment amount of 10 billion Yuan, an area of 4000mu and main production of such biological fermentation products like threonine, lysine, citric acid and anhydrous glucose. Phase I of the project will occupy an area of 2000 mu, involving planned investment of 3 billion Yuan. Currently, the infrastructure is under tight construction, and is scheduled to be put into production by the end of this year. The project can contribute to 1.5 million ton corn deep processing capacity, annual output of 3 billion Yuan, taxes of 200 million Yuan and job opportunities for 3000 people.

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