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First Steam Generator Product Developed by CFHI Dispatched



It was learned from CFHI on April 23 that Hongyanhe Unit No.5's first (set) million-kilowatt nuclear power steam generator developed by CFHI was manufactured and shipped by Nuclear Power Petrochemical Company. The successful manufacturing of the nuclear power steam generator has not only created a precedent for CFHI's independent research and development of nuclear power steam generators but also further expanded CFHI's manufacturing field involving nuclear island major equipment, which is of great importance for CFHI to realize the localization of major nuclear power technical equipment and enhance market competitiveness.
It is introduced that a steam generator is important equipment in the nuclear island primary circuit system of a PRW power station, vividly called the "Lung of the Nuclear Power", involving extremely complicated structure, design and manufacturing and representing the highest level of heat exchanger technology today. CFHI, on the basis of summing up domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing experience, depending on scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, and quality excellence, has constantly developed towards a professional, process-based, automatic and informationized manufacturing process and environmentally-friendly development. CFHI has overcome many technical difficulties and achieved one-time pass of all key processes. At the same time, CFHI has established a set of manufacturing technologies and processes with its own characteristics, ensuring high-quality manufacturing of the steam generator, highly praised by the user.
The successful manufacturing of the nuclear power steam generator not only marks CFHI's comprehensive mastery of the whole-process manufacturing technology for million-kilowatt nuclear power steam generators on the basis of mastering the technologies for manufacturing nuclear island main equipment such as pressure vessels, voltage regulators, and pump casings but also lays a solid foundation for building CFHI into a world-class nuclear island main equipment manufacturing base.
CFHI will, with the development of the nuclear power equipment industry as its task, comprehensively improve its product quality, realize transformation and upgrading, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, constantly expand nuclear island primary circuit main equipment manufacturing business and achieve the shift from "Made in China" to "Intelligent Manufacturing in China" to create the Chinese core for nuclear power and make great contributions to creating Chinese national industrial brands

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